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What is the Digital Workspace?

The digital workspace brings together devices, wireless mobility solutions, and collaboration technologies, which means you increase employee productivity, engagement and agility, whether your team are in the office or at home.

At Millgate, our experts are able to recommend emerging technologies so you stay ahead of the curve, and deliver a first class service as a business. Your success is our success.

Typical Business Outcomes

We take time to understand your requirements, issues, objectives and challenges. We ensure that through working with Millgate you will receive a solution that actually works.

Work Digitally

Attract and retain your talent through creating a modernised workspace that makes coming to work a breeze for your employees.

Boost Productivity

Reduce operational downtime and complaints over slow equipment or networks. Working remotely, video conferencing and access to shared documentation all helpĀ to create an environment rich in success.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Prevent costly interruptions to your service, whilst ensuring your IT doesn’t hold you back from delivering a great experience for your customers.

digital workspace
Win New Business

With an effective digital workspace, you can provide multiple ways for your customers to engage with you. Drive customer retention by making it easy for your services to be accessed with the latest technologies.

Remote Working

With remote working now a necessity for many businesses, acquiring the right technology is critical in achieving seamless workflow and effective virtual collaboration.

Digitalising your workspace prevents your people from being tethered to their desks, allowing them to work flexibly and easily whether at home or in the office. An effective digital-first solution can improve productivity and efficiency significantly.

Mobile Devices

Provide your teams with the devices to work remotely, and therefore efficiently.
With the right digital hardware and software, physical location becomes irrelevant when you have a seamless remote team.

Cloud Security

Off-premises security with on-premises features will provide your business with corporate security, no matter where your employees are.

Cloud Networking

Management of your network is made simple with the centralised management of multiple sites into a cloud portal.


Build high performance WANs using low cost internet access to maintain connectivity of your distributed workforce.

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