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Tech Procurement Smart Purchasing

We'll help you design a procurement model that works for your business

Tech Procurement

We pride ourselves on being vendor agnostic. This means we can provide impartial advice and products that deliver tangible business outcomes at competitive prices.

We have flexible purchasing options, warehousing and global shipping capabilities, which enable us to provide your goods and services in a way that suits your requirements.

Typical Business Outcomes

We provide solutions that fit with your existing estate and solve the problem at hand.

Reduced IT Cost

We utilise our historically strong relationships with vendors and distributors to get the very best prices and help you drive down your IT costs.

Improved ROI

It’s important to ensure a healthy return on investment. Among other benefits, the right tech products and services will reduce downtime, increase productivity and protect your business from cybercrime.

Smarter Procurement

Improve your procurement process by partnering with a trusted supplier. Your experienced account manager is part of an effective team of experts. This ensures you have the right information at your fingertips to make better informed decisions on behalf of your business.

Vendor Agnostic

At Millgate, we work with a variety of suppliers and vendors to provide you with tech products, services and solutions that actually work. However, our advice is completely impartial and we do not favour particular vendors, so you can be sure our recommendations are right for your tech procurement needs.

Hardware & Software
Software Licensing

Millgate have trusted software licensing experts who are available to design and build a cost effective licensing solution for your business.


Let us take the stress out of searching the web for random IT items you need for your business. With our access to 300,000+ products, we have the sourcing solution for you.


Sourcing the correct components can be a hassle, but the team at Millgate are here to make this process easier.


We provide the latest printing hardware and software technologies in partnership with major vendors, such as HP, Kyocera, OKI and Brother.

Server Service & Maintenance

Multiple users across multiple sites will be kept connected by investing in a server that will keep your data secure and organised.

Data Storage Service

Using data storage solutions as a reliable back-up provides protection for your business. Each business has different requirements and needs, and we tailor your solution to your business.


At Millgate, we provide the most suitable networking solutions based on your requirements. This enables the devices that are connected to your network to communicate seamlessly.

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