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Infrastructure Embrace a modern approach to infrastructure

Secure the future of your business through a robust foundation, so you can operate efficiently


Millgate take a modern approach to infrastructure solutions by providing technology recommendations based on your performance, scalability and agility requirements.

Working closely with many of the leading vendors and partners, our infrastructure solution offerings can provide on-premise, private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud options.

Typical Business Outcomes

We take time to understand your business, analyse its vulnerabilities and advise on improvements. This way, you can deliver more value to your business.

Accelerate Performance

Work with our experts to produce an infrastructure that works seamlessly together, so you can deliver improved application performance.

Reduce IT Costs

Our vendor agnostic abilities mean we can deliver manageable spend reductions, so you can rest easy.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate the business risks associated with complex infrastructure projects, by creating a system which actually works correctly and efficiently in the first place.

Drive IT Efficiency

Optimise your internal IT resources and make your life easier by partnering with Millgate.¬†We’ll help you improve and maintain a great service to your business and customers.


Our infrastructure team take pride in successful project delivery, and each team of our experts collaborate effectively to provide you the right solution.

Our solution consultants, technical consultants, implementation engineers and project managers will work with you closely. This is why our clients repeatedly trust us with their IT infrastructure.

Our Service Offerings
On Premises

Host your business’s IT infrastructure in your own local data centre, and receive maximum control over your data and applications.

Public Cloud

Hosting your business’s IT infrastructure with a cloud provider can allow your business to grow, by leveraging scalability and constant innovation.

Your IT team can focus on valuable tasks, without having to manage underlying hardware.

Private Cloud

An IT infrastructure dedicated to your business can be hosted both on or off premises. This brings the efficiencies and benefits that come from running your infrastructure in a cloud, whilst still maintaining control over your data.

Hybrid Cloud

Pick-and-choose infrastructure elements from both on-premises and the cloud, based on what is best for your business. Our application and compliance requirements will allow your business to build an infrastructure based on a best-of-both approach.

Multi Cloud

Hosting your infrastructure in multiple clouds allows you to decrease redundancy and down-time, as well as allowing you to chose the best provider for your individual workloads.

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