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Millgate's in-depth research provided Tapton School Academy Trust with the most suitable solution to their email collaboration problems

The Challenge

Responsible for 600 pupils and over 850 staff members, Tapton School Academy Trust spans 6 sites.

They identified a collaboration issue, as all sites were operating on separate email systems from multiple providers.

This meant there was no support available or a contingency plan if the service went down.

Over 1300 email accounts needed to be working efficiently, collaboratively and without disruptions.

The Solution

Millgate provided the Trust’s IT Director with a suitable solution, wherein all emails across 6 separate sites were migrated to Microsoft Office 365. This meant all 1374 mailboxes were migrated into one central system.

  • Find the best solution
  • Streamline connectivity
  • Deploy with minimal disruption

The team at Millgate were effective in providing the right advice and solution for us. The process was straight forward, as they provided support at every step. I know I can trust Millgate to provide the right solutions for the Trust’s best interests.

IT Director for Tapton School Academy Trust
The Results

As well as offering a suitable solution, Millgate also provided the Trust with additional collaboration improvement opportunities. This was done through the creation of multiple address book policies and security groups, allowing the Trust to deploy secure OneDrive and SharePoint services across all sites.

600 pupils
6 separate sites
1374 email accounts
100% complete solution
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