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Learn Why Should You Choose Infrastructure as a Service

Written by Millgate 22/02/2023
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Customer experience is of the utmost importance when it comes to a business. Your customer trusts you with the information they provide, as well as ensure that their needs are being met in time. Any delay in order processing, websites, emails, and all other basic functions for a business must perform smoothly and without any hitches. Every business, therefore, needs a solid base; an infrastructure that can work as a foundation for your company. With its ability to scale up and down and over-the-internet solutions, cloud infrastructure as a service is something your company needs to consider.

Infrastructure as a service

The service can help you create a digital version of your existing infrastructure and a transparent work environment that lets you see how much storage you have left, what parts of your system may be vulnerable to attacks and a clear path of escalation to a team that can help you. The term ‘as-a-service’ means everything is managed for you, so you can concentrate on your business’s needs.

The Difference Between Traditional Infrastructure and IaaS

Traditional Infrastructure consists of both hardware and software components. It needs more power, space and money for the equipment and setup. It also requires on-site installation. Infrastructure as a Service does not need any hardware and can be accessed and installed over the internet. It is highly convenient and does not use up extra power and physical space. It is also highly intuitive and gives you a detailed analysis of your system.

Why do you need IaaS?

IaaS can improve your operations and work efficiency. But here’s why you would need it.

High Volume of Data

Is your company dealing with a high volume of customer and internal data? Hardware for storage of such data is unreliable and breakable. Not to mention, it’s easily accessible by anyone. You need your data to be safe, secure, and out of reach of any kind of misuse.

Infrastructure as a Service is built to handle a high volume of data, with experts on hand to help you deal with any issues you might face.


Artificial Intelligence is no longer a technology of the future. It is part of our daily lives now and can help you proactively identify damage in your systems. It gives you transparency about what is happening within your system, whether it’s lower storage or vulnerabilities that you need to fix. This sort of crucial information is not something you should compromise on.


You shouldn’t have to spend the majority of your time staring at your screen, waiting for it to load. Speed is a matter of efficiency in business, and it’s a necessity, not a luxury. Interruptions in your system can cause a lot of harm to your profit and your ability to get back to your customers promptly. And if nothing else, it can also be stressful and frustrating.

A cloud infrastructure takes the load off your system so your tech can perform the way it should, without lagging.

Security and Data Recovery

We are all familiar with the mini heart attack you get when you accidentally delete an important file. Now imagine this at a company level, affecting important client information. A client is trusting you with crucial data, and it’s up to you to keep it safe.

Cloud infrastructure

Regular backup of such important data ensures that your information is never lost and can be easily recovered when accidentally erased. It also ensures there is an ample amount of security and encryption, so only authorised persons are able to access these files.


Good news! Your business is growing. You have seen massive growth and naturally need to increase the number of employees you have. This means more computers, more data, more storage and servers. Bad news? You didn’t plan for this scale-up.

Having a cloud infrastructure makes it easy for you to scale up when you see growth in your business. Rather than buying more servers and hard drives and hardware with larger computing power, your infrastructure will help support this change in your business without a large number of additional costs.

No large payments

Buying a server can burn holes in your pocket. It is a large investment, and the money might be better spent on a cloud infrastructure that is able to provide a lot more, on a subscription basis. You only pay for the features your company needs and uses, saving money in the process.

Simple setup

You don’t want any new additions to your system, to disrupt your day-to-day work. The transition needs to be smooth and you shouldn’t feel it while you work. IaaS is simple, quick and easy to set up and can be far less hassle than a traditional server while giving you a lot more visibility.

Using Infrastructure as a service, therefore, is a no-brainer. Click here to see how Millgate can help with the same, by providing products and services and expert advice on what is suitable for your business.




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