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SACO required a full telecom migration with minimal business impact or disruption

The Challenge

SACO asked Millgate to provide analysis and commercial detail for the provision of outbound call services and line rental, comparing this to their current BT system.

The Solution

Millgate’s solution catered for 110 mobile users, 220 fixed-line users and 120 broadband lines across multiple sites. We conducted a full migration for all users, including ADSL broadband, with minimal impact to the business.

The migration included 180 PSTN, 40 ISDN channels and 120 ADSL lines.


  • Find the best solution
  • Full telecom migration
  • No disruption to business
The Results

All calls and lines were transferred without any problems. SACO know that if any issues arise, Millgate is here to deliver complete support.

SACO made significant savings against previous bills, and Millgate conveniently managed any remaining BT bills along with the migrated lines, so SACO could fully focus on their business.

110 mobile users
220 fixed-line users
120 broadband lines
100% complete solution
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