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St Columba's College was undergoing renovation to create an up-to-date learning environment for students

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The Challenge

St Columba’s College was undergoing renovation, meaning a new cabling infrastructure was required in specific buildings along with new IT hardware in order to create an up-to-date learning environment for students.

Their ICT suite needed upgrading entirely, including a new ceiling and lighting. New PCs, TV screens and interactive boards were also required to revolutionise teaching and learning by allowing teachers to deliver a more interactive classroom experience.

The Solution

Millgate provided new cabling infrastructure in parts of┬áSt Columba’s College.

New bespoke pod desks, which seat 6 students headed by a large TV screen, were installed to promote collaboration in the learning experience.

Windows ‘Slate PCs’ replaced the fixed PCs and monitors so that students are able to move freely with mobile devices and wireless systems. On top of this, brand new SMART interactive tables were installed, enabling more group work.

  • Mobility
  • Interactive environment
  • Promotion of collaboration
The Results

Students are able to work more dynamically due to the new wireless and mobile systems.

The pod desk screens, controlled by the teacher, mean no student is left behind, and the reduction of fixed PCs mean students can work anywhere and everywhere.

21st century learning
24/7 support
40 interaction abilities
100% complete solution
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