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Microsoft Support for Office 2010 has ended

Upgrade now to protect your business from security risks

01 13th October 2020

Support for Office 2010 has been discontinued. Microsoft will no longer provide tech support or upgrades.

02 Protect your business

Without further security updates, you are exposed to security risks as cybercriminals take advantage of gaps in Office 2010.

03 Why Millgate?

Our mission to deliver tech that actually works means you can trust our experts to advise you on the right solution for your business and your goals.

What does end of support mean?

From October 13th 2020, Office 2010 has gone end of support. End of support, also known as end of life, means users of Office 2010 will no longer receive technical support, new software features or security updates. As well as restricted productivity versus competitors using the cloud, businesses who don’t upgrade will be exposed to security risks.

Upgrading to Microsoft 365 means your business’s reputation will be protected from harm by cybercrime and your performance will be enhanced by the benefits of working in the cloud.

Microsoft office 2010
What’s so good about Microsoft 365 anyway?

Microsoft 365 is built with teamwork in mind. Easy collaboration, seamless integration and advanced security means your people can work wherever, whenever with maximum efficiency.

Cloud icon over tablet
Save money

Businesses’ IT infrastructures are becoming increasingly fragmented as they add new solutions to fill the real and perceived gaps in their IT. Legacy systems cost more time and money to manage while impacting on remote productivity and collaboration.

Desk with tablet
Use the best apps

The apps you know and love from Office 2010 have got a lot smarter in the last decade. Premium versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint use built-in intelligence to help you bring your ideas to life.

Man sat on bench with microsoft labtop
Always access anywhere

Access and save your files securely from anywhere on any device with cloud storage. Security features such as ransomware detection, mobile device management and data backup protect your business, people and customers, giving you peace of mind.

Lady using phone
Built for digital

In today’s remote world, the best technology is the only way to stay truly connected. Cloud-based systems like Microsoft 365 enable seamless remote working for your team, saving hours from worker productivity and IT management time.

Why Millgate?

We’ve been helping clients succeed in their digital transformations for over 20 years by providing technology that actually works to fulfil their business requirements.

Millgate IT
End-to-end technology

We’re not a hardware supplier. We’re an end-to-end technology partner for our clients, advising on all aspects of their IT and telephony to deliver a harmonised network. Your reliance on tech has only increased in the remote world, and unifying your estate will save time, effort and money.

A powerful partnership

Our service doesn’t just end with a sale. Our qualified engineers work with you to implement your devices across your business, and we have an in-house device repair team and 24-hour help desk to resolve any and all tech problems your business encounters down the line.

Minor products or major projects

Whatever your technology needs are, we’re here to help you succeed. From individual components to international construction projects, we’ll get you kitted out with the right tech for your requirements. Let us know what we can do for you.

Upgrade your IT today

Speak to a Millgate Microsoft specialist today to find out if Microsoft 365 is the right solution to help your business succeed in the modern world.

Speak to our Microsoft experts
Speak to our Microsoft experts

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