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89% of employees say they should work flexibly all the time.


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Lack of network connectivity costs businesses almost £1000 per year in lost productivity.

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1 technology partner promises to help its clients succeed by delivering tech that actually works to meet business requirements.

Welcome to the Anywhere Office

The days of working together in one location at the same time are ending. Businesses that realised this before 2020 are now far ahead of competitors who didn’t. Your business needs to keep moving forward regardless of where your employees are physically located. But there’s no time to wait for things to return to normal. The ‘new normal’ has become a cliché because everyone is saying it, but not everyone has accepted the ‘old normal’ is gone.

The modern office is anywhere people can be productive and connected. In this new eBook, you’ll learn four easy ways to maximise that productivity and connectivity using Windows 10 and Microsoft 365.

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Why choose cloud?

The Anywhere Office is fuelled by the cloud, reducing businesses’ dependence on legacy systems and embracing a modern approach to working that empower employees and drives progress.

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Save money

Cost-conscious SMBs only upgrade PCs when productivity suffers, but as users get held back by aging hardware and software, the total cost of ownership of these old systems has become more than the cost of a new PC.

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Get more done

SMBs who upgrade to Microsoft 365 cite multiple benefits, including ~45 hours of increased mobile worker productivity per mobile worker, 17% reduction on time spent on decision making, increased collaboration, reduced down-time and use of third-party software.

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Work better together

Collaborate in real time with shared docs, online meetings and seamless integration. Teamwork is built into Office 365, supporting businesses to work from anywhere and from any device.

Work anywhere, protect everywhere

Microsoft 365 includes built-in security protections, including multi-factor authentication, mobile device management and continuous data backup, give you peace of mind wherever your people are.

Why Millgate?

We’ve been helping clients succeed in their digital transformations for over 20 years by providing technology that actually works to fulfil their business requirements.

Millgate IT
End-to-end technology

We’re not a hardware supplier. We’re an end-to-end technology partner for our clients, advising on all aspects of their IT and telephony to deliver a harmonised network. Your reliance on tech has only increased in the remote world, and unifying your estate will save time, effort and money.

A powerful partnership

Our service doesn’t just end with a sale. Our qualified engineers work with you to implement your devices across your business, and we have an in-house device repair team and 24-hour help desk to resolve any and all tech problems your business encounters down the line.

Minor products or major projects

Whatever your technology needs are, we’re here to help you succeed. From individual components to international construction projects, we’ll get you kitted out with the right tech for your requirements. Let us know what we can do for you.

Unlock the Anywhere Office today

Download our eBook to learn the four easy ways to empower your employees to stay productive and engaged while working remotely.

Download the 4 Ways to Enable the Anywhere Office
Download the 4 Ways to Enable the Anywhere Office

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