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WatchGuard Your Passport to Protection

WatchGuard's Passport is a bundle of user-focused security services that travels with your users.

We've partnered with WatchGuard to offer you a free trial.

01 Authenticate

Authenticate people and enforce strong, multi-factor authentication into VPNs, Cloud applications, endpoints and more

02 Protect

Protect users on the Internet, block phishing attempts and enforce web policy anywhere, anytime without a VPN.

03 Prevent

Prevent, detect and respond to known and unknown threats, contain ransomware, exploits and any other attack techniques.

Always-on protection that follows your user

You need to be able to extend your security capabilities to users and devices, no matter where they may be and as they regularly enter and leave your network. At the same time, a single infected endpoint or stolen password could open the floodgates for an attacker.

WatchGuard’s Passport is a bundle of user-focused security services that travels with your users.

Millgate has partnered with WatchGuard to offer a free trial of everything included in Passport. Fill out our contact form to request your free trial.

What's included?

Passport is 100% Cloud managed, so there’s no software to maintain or hardware to deploy. Viewing reports, alerts, configuring services,
deploying endpoint clients, and managing authentication tokens are all done in the Cloud.

Multi-factor authentication

With credential-stealing malware on the rise and new data breaches exposed every day, the need for strong authentication has never been greater. AuthPoint lightens the load for you and your customers, using push messages, QR codes or one-time passwords (OTPs) plus the mobile device DNA of each user’s phone to authenticate users.

DNS protection

As users travel outside the network, visibility into their Internet activity may be lost, creating a significant blind spot in security and leaving them vulnerable to phishing and malware attacks. With DNSWatchGO you gain consolidated visibility into protected devices, no matter their location.

Endpoint security

Panda Adaptive Defense 360 is an innovative cybersecurity solution delivered from the Cloud. It combines the widest range of protection (EPP) technologies with EDR capabilities, providing two services managed by Panda Security experts as a feature of the solution: Zero-Trust Application Service and Threat Hunting Service.

Further details

For more information about everything included in Passport, take a look at this handy datasheet. Alternatively, contact a member of the Millgate team today to find out more and start your free trial.

Passport to productivity

A mobile workforce significantly increases the chances of being hit by cyber attacks. Without the benefit of your core network protections, a user on the go could become infected without your knowledge, and even introduce the infection to your broader environment.

This new eBook from WatchGuard provides 8 tips about using security as not just an enabler of protection, but also productivity for remote workers.

Download the eBook here.

Challenges to continuity

Discover the novel ways cyber criminals are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic and ensure you don’t fall victim.

Read the eBook

8 tips for security success

Learn 8 tips from WatchGuard about how to use security as an enabler of productivity and access, including checklists and considerations.

Read the eBook

Is your security up to scratch?

Download a handy checklist to assess your continuity and security capabilities, providing peace of mind that your network and people are protected.

Read the eBook

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