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baramundi End manual set up and patching

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Perfect Out of Box Experience

Users want their work devices fully set up when they get them. Apps, settings and access should be deployed in an automated fashion so they’re ready to go upon arrival. baramundi software, integrated with Windows Autopilot, can help you achieve this.

Users simply turn on their new Windows device and log in. The device is automatically added to the baramundi Management Suite and can then be managed as usual. It can be sent directly from the manufacturer to the user without a detour through the IT office. Save time, improve user experience.

Automated Deployment and Patching

Make it easier for administrators to deploy and patch new Windows endpoints and use existing automation routines and prebuilt scripts seamlessly. Automated enrolment creates devices in the baramundi Management Suite and automatically supplies them with the baramundi agent.

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Full control over MS Updates with less effort

baramundi Update Management, as part of the baramundi Management Suite, supports the Microsoft ring concept and expands it with options to exclude individual updates, but also entire product lines or even complete categories from the update process.

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Update profiles

Division into the various rings as well as the configuration of exclusion lists is carried out using update profiles – each ring is given its own update profile. The settings in the update profile are also considered when evaluating the endpoint’s update status.

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Manual no more

With the help of a block list, manual release of updates is no longer necessary. New updates are automatically released and installed with a configured time offset from the release date, starting with the least critical ring.

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What this means for you
  • Full control over which patches are applied where and when
  • Freely schedule and automate releases, block or delay updates
  • Fewer failed updates thanks to status evaluation
  • Update profile defaults help to quickly identify any need for action
  • Constant overview of patch and version status
Who are baramundi?

baramundi software are a leading developer of endpoint management solutions designed to optimise your IT processes, covering the deployment and installation of client machine OS and applications, endpoint security and automation – making routine tasks more time efficient!

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Unified Endpoint Management

The baramundi Management Suite is a unified endpoint management platform that permits control of managing all aspects of your endpoint environment. From OS deployment and application install to update management and process automation, you’re in the driver’s seat now.

Optimising patch management with baramundi

For IT admins, it is important to maintain a current and accurate overview of device status at any given time. Admins can optimally control these elements using baramundi Patch Management. It not only provides a good overview of the current patch status, it also contains the necessary tools to react correctly and quickly to an acute threat situation.

Full out of the box support

With Microsoft’s Windows Autopilot, users simply turn on their new Windows device and log in with their corporate account. The device is automatically added to the baramundi Management Suite for routine IT management.

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