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Unite your telephony communications with bespoke solutions for fixed and mobile line systems, alongside data connectivity

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At Millgate, we understand the importance to your business of effective and reliable internal and external lines of communication. We deliver telephony products and services that provide a seamless service, from office to road.

Our expertise covers a wide range of mobile and fixed-lined services fully integrated with your network. This reduces the time spent dealing with multiple service providers, especially when unifying fixed-line, broadband and mobile devices.

Our Areas

Communication with your colleagues and customers should be easy. We offer a variety of products, so you can keep your team connected.


Millgate offer full-solution covering phones and high speed internet connections, which provide seamless coverage for numerous devices. Give your colleagues the freedom to roam and collaborate across your estate with extensive access and cloud points.

Business Landline

Millgate work with you to pinpoint areas where technologies could enhance productivity, and control costs. We provide a complete service, covering lines, calls and systems. This extends to data services, and can include mobile as part of an overall solution.

Business Mobile

Millgate offer a wide range of business mobile solutions from the UK’s largest networks. Plans are built based on how you run your business, and which networks provide the best coverage in your area. Your teams will have the freedom to talk and text, whilst providing voice and data sharing.

Repair Service

Reduce you replacement costs with Millgate’s speedy repair service. We offer our clients a full professional repair service on all mobile devices, from iPods, iPads, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices.

Our Approach

At Millgate we have first hand experience of and can see the inevitable unification of telecom and IT systems. We approach every challenge from this viewpoint. We ensure any solution we propose is able to fully integrate with your existing tech.

Our highly skilled team follow our preferred approach to help deliver tangible business outcomes. These include reduced downtime, improved quality of service for your internal and external customers, whilst allowing you to better control overall costs.

Our Service Offerings
Call Plans and Line Rental

Choosing your business calls and lines package can be confusing, but Millgate keep it simple. We offer packages which are tailored to your specific requirements.


Voice over IP (VoIP) can save your business money by using your data lines to make calls around the world.

Telephony in the Cloud

Traditional voice systems can be inflexible, expensive and time-consuming. With hosted IP voice, you will have a unified telephony estate, so you don’t have to manage complex equipment.

Phone Numbers

We offer a wide choice of business numbers, including Freephone, Premium, Local Rate, or your choice of a memorable number.

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