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Learn Importance of Sustainable IT

Written by 17/01/2023
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Sustainable IT is the practice of using your IT resources with a focus on their negative effects on the environment. Nearly 40 million tons of electronic waste is generated every year and only 12% of it is recycled. This can burden the environment greatly, as this waste accumulates in landfills and releases toxic chemicals. Although the advancement of technology is essential, throwing away functional resources like laptops, monitors and desktops is wasteful and affect the environment significantly.

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Seventy per cent of the laptops disposed of every day can be reused for other purposes. There is immense potential for recycling and extending the lifetime of your IT products, and this potential is now being recognised by businesses and corporates. Sustainable IT practices can help reduce these negative effects on the environment and can even help your business grow.

Benefits of Sustainable IT

Cost Saving

Extending the lifetime of your IT resources is less costly than buying new equipment. Many of your business’s IT problems can be solved with simple repairs and the right maintenance of hardware. With the right functioning equipment, you also save time as well as save on your energy bills. Millgate’s cost-effective device repair services can help your company fix faulty devices instead of replacing resources unnecessarily.

Corporate Culture

Recycling and investing in Sustainable IT encourages your company to be more ethical in various aspects of its culture. It increases conversation around sustainability and encourages employees to be more thoughtful towards the environment, which helps with retention.  A study in 2021, found that 75% of employees found their job more fulfilling when also given the opportunity to contribute positively to environmental causes.

Plus, raising awareness of sustainability encourages collaborations with other companies on their mission to help the planet.

Customer Satisfaction

With increased awareness of climate change and sustainability, customers prefer working with companies that are more aligned with ethical climate practices. A business’s good sustainable practices are a great boost to its image, nurturing better relationships with clients. This encourages better relationships with the public.


Businesses are under constant pressure from the government to reduce the environmental impact caused by various companies. The efficiency Sustainable IT brings to the table, with the reduction of waste and emissions, helps businesses follow government rules and regulations.

How Your Business can be Greener in IT

Cloud Computing

Migrating to Cloud computing instead of physical servers may be more cost-effective for your business. It improves the accessibility and security of your data and can help the environment by reducing the amount of hardware required.

Remote Working

Over the last couple of years, the world has learnt to work remotely from the comfort of their homes and still collaborate seamlessly. Remote working can save your company on big costs like lighting and heating, while they have all the resources required to have a home office. It also helps your employees reduce their carbon footprint when travelling to and from the office.

Home working

Equipment Recycling

Recycling your old equipment can be the most effective way to remain sustainable. Many of the parts in your old laptops, desktops and servers can be reused in different places and can help reduce E-waste. Millgate can help advise you on how you can recycle your E-waste and help the environment.

Millgate’s various services can help you with your mission towards a more sustainable workplace. Contact our team today for specialist advice about your business.


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