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Learn Why Does Your Business Need Softphone?

Written by Millgate 13/03/2023
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With the advantages that the internet serves, every aspect of work has moved online.  ? Cloud services can provide you with storage over the internet. Security solutions? Software for the same can be deployed online. Even phones have moved online, with Softphone becoming increasingly popular with businesses.

Desk phones have been a staple in businesses for many years. But the way we work has changed drastically. Home working has become part of the work culture, and has encouraged productivity in business. Having softphones that only need the internet to make phone calls has made it possible for this work culture to continue.

Features of a Softphone


  • Take your ‘desk phone’ anywhere!

As long as you have an internet connection, you would be able to work from wherever you want, without having to worry about not being in the office. Desk phones are rooted to your desk and can’t be moved from one place to the other freely. This makes working from home impossible for your employees. Softphone solves this problem by making your laptop your phone and using the magic of the internet to make calls.


  • Security

Imagine if your phone system was an open directory. Anyone would be able to see the people you are contacting and information about your clients and potential clients as well. This is a huge security risk and can reduce the credibility of your business. Having a softphone system can lock it all down so only you would be able to access these contacts and make calls to your clients, keeping your information under lock and key.



  • 24/7 service

Everyone loves 24/7 service, right? Maybe you’re working in a completely different time zone from where your office is situated or have an urgent phone call to make outside of office hours and come across a problem in your system. A 24/7 service helps you solve your problems seamlessly and without any hassle, so you are able to do your job without any hiccups.


  • CRM Integration

Transparency in your business is absolutely crucial. It is important to see the calls your employees are making, who they are contacting and how that is affecting your company since it can help you understand and analyse your business. Integrating your phones into your CRM system helps you track all the calls going in and out of your company.


  • Cloud-based phone lines

Pretend your business has 100 employees. This means 100+ phone lines are required, which puts a burden on your system. Softphones offer a cloud-based line that doesn’t need cables, just an internet connection. Your phone is virtual, which means there’s no need for unnecessary cabling.


  • Easy scalability

Do you see your business growing in the future? This means more employees, which in turn means more phones for each of them. Adding another desk phone each time you have a new employee or removing one when you lose an employee is not a sustainable system. This can cause confusion and problems like adding and removing cables and phone lines that are hard to track.

Softphones are easily scalable, so you can increase and decrease the number of phones in your company, as you, please.


  • It’s cheaper

Paying for a landline service for each and every desk phone is an expensive affair. This means paying for the hardware and for the number you are using, not to mention the repairs and maintenance of this hardware when it stops functioning as it should. Softphones are cheaper for businesses, as you are renting a virtual space for your company, and don’t necessarily need hardware.


If your business has telecom needs and looking for an upgrade to softphones, Millgate Connect can help make your transition as smooth as possible. Click here to see how we can help!





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