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Learn Advantages of Cloud Storage

Written by Millgate 08/02/2023
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Remote working has increased employee performance by 13% and 49% of remote workers are ready to quit their jobs if required to return to the office full-time. With such staggering numbers, it is extremely beneficial for suitable workplaces to adopt a model of integration that helps employees work seamlessly between their home and office environments. Cloud storage has been the obvious choice for building a unified workspace that improves the work experience for employees across various industries. The advantages of cloud storage far outweigh the negatives.

Today, the cloud applications market is worth over £150 billion with 94% of large organisations adopting a cloud infrastructure. Here’s why.

  • All your information is backed up

Hardware is breakable and has a short lifespan. Data loss is most often caused by old, ageing hardware. To get ahead of this problem, having cloud storage constantly backing up all your data helps you save your information when there’s an unforeseen power cut or a cyber-attack. It’s a great platform to have for disaster recovery and ensures quicker and easier comeback from any issues your business may face.

  • Easy Data Encryption

When data is uploaded to the cloud, it can be encrypted either before or after it has been sent. Using options like Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign On can help your employees access the data while ensuring no one outside the company has access. Keeping your and your customer’s information safe is vital to success in business.

Cloud safety

43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses. This means you are putting your business at a huge risk by not doing everything in your power to make sure your data is safe. Cloud storage adds an extra layer of protection from malware and hackers as well.

  • Easy sharing and accessibility

Now, you can’t collaborate with your team if important data is not available to everyone. This means you need a central location to store your data that everyone can access (with their secure logins) to work collectively. Cloud storage is your central point to easily share files with others on your team, improving your teamworking capabilities.

  • Simple organisation

Imagine going to an unorganised library. How frustrating would it be to search for books and never find them because they are on the wrong shelf?

Advantage of Cloud Storage

Your data needs proper categorising as well, so it can be easy to retrieve when you need it the most. Cloud storage makes the organisation and retrieval of your data simple and manageable, so you’re not looking for it in the wrong place.

  • Cost Saving

Buying new hardware or repairing it every time it breaks, can cost your business a lot of money. One way to save on some of this cost is to invest in cloud storage instead of hard drives to store your information. Cloud storage is a cost-effective investment, not breakable like hardware and is a long-term solution for your company’s storage needs. Cloud infrastructure involves small recurring payments rather than large payments single for hardware.

  • Scalability

Do you see your company growing considerably in the future?

Your technology now should be able to accommodate any scale-ups you may have in the future. Buying more technology when the time comes can be really expensive and not the smartest solution for your business. Storing your data on the cloud means that you can increase and reduce the space you need at any time, simply and easily, with lesser cost to your business.

  • Compliance and Customer Assurance

Cyber Essentials certification is a crucial government-backed certification that can add another feather to your cap as a business that your customers can trust. This certification requires you to have a proper data backup solution in case of any cyber security emergencies. Having this certification also allows you to do business with suppliers and vendors in compliance with all cybersecurity regulations. Check out the Cyber Essentials page to find out how Millgate can help you.

Cloud storage can be the perfect addition to your organisation and can improve efficiency in your day-to-day work. Find out more about how Millgate can help you with your business’s Cloud storage needs. 

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