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ASECCA Millgate's gone green

Millgate have teamed up with Asecca to take your old tech off your hands

01 Landline Disposal

Upgrade your landline by recycling the old one.

02 IT Disposal

You need to make sure your used equipment recycling is in-line with regulations through responsible channels.

03 Mobile Disposal

Asecca take care of of your data security whilst retaining environmental compliance.

Recycle your tech for free

Millgate have teamed up with Asecca to take your old tech off your hands and do it for free.

Asecca are a corporate recycler, specialising in the disposal of data-retaining electronic equipment. Every company needs to recycle, and they believe in doing this the right way.

In order to be in line with Government rules and regulations, suitable and ethical disposal of electronic waste is a priority for every business.

We do it all for you, for free. (T&Cs apply)


How it works

Find out how recycling your old equipment works.

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Choosing to dispose

IT equipment that has been superseded can seem like waste that’s hard to dispose of. There can be complications; a large proportion of computer equipment is classified as hazardous waste. Luckily, if you want to recycle your tech easily, Millgate can help.

How Millgate helps

Contact us via your account manager or our Contact Us page with some details of what needs collecting, and we’ll arrange a pick up time with you.

We do the work

We’ll organise for your old IT equipment, phone services or mobiles to be taken away for free.

Sit back and relax

You can be safe in knowing that your products and all of their data will be disposed of effectively and in line with environmental and ethical obligations.

The benefits

Due to the turnaround rate of technology, recycling old versions which you no longer use can be great for the environment, and your pocket.


Declutter your office and get rid of old and unused electronic equipment, all while reducing landfill.

Improve reputation

Show that your business cares about its commitment to the environment by demonstrating your sustainability.

Lower costs

Recycling is often cheaper for removal than disposing of goods in general waste.


Asecca ensure compliance with both the ethical disposal of electronic waste (in-line with European WEEE directive) and the suitable erasure of data (compliant with GDPR).

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