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Learn Why is Endpoint Protection Important?

Written by Millgate 31/05/2023
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Think about it; what is the easiest way someone could have access to your network? It could be the laptop you worked on in the local café while sipping your coffee, or the phone or tablet you may have forgotten on the underground. Endpoints are points of access to your enterprise’s network and can be exploited easily. Endpoint protection is therefore crucial to ensure malicious activity is kept at bay. In the wake of a data breach, 60% of companies fail or go out of business.

But why do criminals target endpoints?

  • It’s easy to use endpoints as entry and exit points to a company’s network.
  • There is crucial information about the company stored in endpoints and it gives criminals easy access to them.
  • Launching a DDoS attack from an endpoint is easy, which overloads the servers and makes the business come to a halt.

Here’s how endpoint protection ultimately protects your business:

  • Unified and simplified security:

It’s time to think of your security more holistically. Just modernising and protecting one part of your network is no longer enough as vulnerabilities are easily trackable and exploitable. But keeping an eye on every endpoint in your company can be an overwhelming task for your IT team. That is until modern endpoint security tools have made it easier to identify issues and address them as soon as possible.endpoint protection

  • Protection against threat vectors:

Compromised passwords and credentials, phishing emails, and inadequate encryptions are some versions of threat vectors. Any combination of these gives cybercriminals an easy way into your system to deliver malicious payloads into your system. Having endpoint protection helps keep your employees’ devices safe.

  • Better Business Resilience:

Having better and more stringent security for your offices and a culture of strong cybersecurity creates better business resilience especially when a workforce is more dispersed due to remote working. The proper endpoint protection tools can help give your business transparency about what is going on with every device.

  • Business Reputation:

Having the right kind of security means that your customers have more trust in your network and that their information will stay safe with your business. This creates a network of trust among all your customers.

If your business needs endpoint protection, Millgate’s various experts can help you find the perfect solution for you, so you don’t have to worry about data breaches. Contact us today, to learn more.

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