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Learn The Ultimate Cyber Essentials Checklist

Written by Millgate 03/02/2023
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Cybercrime has increased by a whopping 600% since the beginning of the global pandemic. So, it’s not a surprise that IT managers are under constant pressure now more than ever, to keep the whole company safe, fight cyber-attacks against their servers and take defensive action against any future attacks, all while also taking care of the organisation’s day-to-day IT requirements. Having a cyber essentials checklist can help your company stay on top of all the important non-negotiables while keeping your hardware and software safe from attacks.

The Cyber Essentials certification is a UK certification scheme designed to show an organisation has the minimum level of protection in cyber security. It shows a commitment to data security and can benefit your business.

Protection for your business

With 70% of small businesses being unprepared to deal with cyber-attacks, it is vital to be part of the percentage that is. Keeping your business safe from ransomware or any other kinds of data breaches is pertinent to any company. Compromised servers can cause companies major downtime and money they cannot afford.

Cyber essentials checklist

Customer assurance

Sixty-six per cent of a company’s data is that of its customers. Your customers understand the importance of keeping their data safe and want to know that their information is in safe hands and would not be vulnerable to such attacks. Having a Cyber Essentials certification shows that you are a business that takes cybersecurity seriously.

New business

A lot of businesses and clients require their suppliers to have the proper certification to be able to do business with them. Having a government-backed certification will ensure a smooth work experience for you and your clients.

IT awareness

One of the best ways to prevent some of the most common cyber-attacks is to educate employees on the ways these attacks may be exposed to them and what steps they can take to be careful. IT awareness in a company is just as important as cyber security requirements, as cyber-attacks do not come with an invitation and can be disguised in the most innocent-looking emails.

With all the benefits it can offer, the certification is certainly a no-brainer. But it is important to have a checklist before your assessment, so you know you have a holistic view towards your data protection.

Firewalls and routers

With various firewalls, both software and hardware available, it is important to know what kind of firewall is suitable for your business. As the first line of defence for the internet, a Firewall plays a crucial role in monitoring and blocking specific traffic, so your computer or mobile device remains safe and secure.


Maintaining and updating your firewalls is crucial. Make sure your licences are up-to-date and not expired, since this can put your hardware at risk.

Updated Software

Is your system still stuck on the previous software?

Developers release new software updates regularly, which contain bugs and features that improve the performance of your system, including security patches. Keeping your system up to date will ensure it is running smoothly and these updates are doing their job of cleaning your computer and protecting it from viruses.

Malware protection

Over 18 million websites are infected with malware each week. Those numbers are staggering, and it is vital to be on top of this surge. This means, ensuring you have the right malware protection for your server which will then identify and eliminate any malware.

Access control

Not everyone in the company should have access to all information. Slip-ups are common and human error is natural. So, to avoid unnecessary and frequent mistakes, authorisation control can help narrow down the number of people who can give access to certain information or downloads. This ensures that virus-ridden apps aren’t being downloaded onto your hardware or information isn’t leaving your computer without the proper authorisation. Multi-Factor Authentication has become pertinent in every work environment to prevent brute-force attacks on passwords.

Secure configuration

Default networks and computer configurations aren’t always secure. Removing unnecessary user accounts, as well as making sure that your passwords aren’t guessable can improve the configuration of your computer.

Here’s how we can help.

Millgate understands every business’s need to be Cyber Essentials certified and can help you do so within 24 hours so you can abide by industry standards and improve your security systems for you and your customers.

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