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Written by Millgate 12/02/2024
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Have you ever found yourself with a surplus of Microsoft licenses at the end of the year? It happens to the best of us. Maybe it’s worth considering a mixed billing structure. At Millgate, we can take a good look at how you’ve been using your Microsoft NCE licenses over the past year and chat about the perks of blending committed and non-committed options.


If your renewal date is coming up, it’s super important to give your current Microsoft NCE arrangement a once-over, especially if you’re still kicking it old school under the old CSP legacy agreement. We get how crucial this review period is, and we’re all set to help you glide through it without a hitch.


So, why is reviewing all this stuff so important? Microsoft Licenses are no longer a want, they are a business need and ensure the ongoing functionality of your business. However sometimes costs can be expensive, so reviewing how you use your licenses, the number of seats you have in comparison to staffing levels and what you really need is fundamental to ensure value for money.


We’re all about getting to grips with what makes your business tick and crafting a plan that’s tailor-made to help you flourish in the year ahead. We’re all about making sure you stay in the driver’s seat, understand where your money’s going, and, most importantly, saving you a pretty penny by only investing in what you really need.


Our approach? It’s not just about shifting products – it’s about giving you the lowdown, top-notch customer service, and tech support that’s second to none. Our crack team is here to hold your hand every step of the way, making sure you’re clued up and making decisions that line up with your goals.

Now, let’s talk options. When it comes to buying on the Microsoft NCE program, you’ve got three main ways to roll:


1. Annual Payment: Pay upfront for a whole year, with any future orders tagged onto this date.

2. Annual Commitment: Spread your payments out monthly, but lock in your pricing for a solid 12 months. You can’t shrink your licenses, but hey, at least you’re locking in those savings and commitments.

3. Monthly Rolling Contract: No strings attached here – cancel anytime you fancy. But be warned, it tends to cost around 20% more on average compared to committed levels.


Now, when those renewal dates for your Microsoft NCE annual commit agreements start creeping up, you know who to call. It’s Millgate to the rescue! Our bespoke approach ensures you’re getting the best bang for your buck while keeping your future firmly in your hands. Drop us a line today, and let’s cook up a solution that’s just right for your business.

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