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Written by Millgate 12/12/2023
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In the ever-evolving landscape of data protection, having an effective and reliable recovery plan is paramount. It becomes significantly more achievable when clients approach the table armed with a robust recovery plan. Let’s explore some key considerations to construct an effective and reliable recovery plan.

Understanding Your Valuable Data Assets, Core Systems, and Processes

While protecting production data is crucial, valuable data extends beyond the obvious. Consider systems upstream or downstream from production data and evaluate potential impacts from external suppliers. Conduct tabletop exercises with stakeholders to envision scenarios, asking questions such as:

– What if we lost the x/y/z system?

– What data is impacted?

– Who is impacted?

– What upstream/downstream services are affected?

Ensuring Your Data Is Clean

A fundamental aspect often overlooked is the cleanliness of recovered data. Regularly test and scan backup data using features from your backup vendor. Leverage tools like SureBackup/SureReplica, Secure Restore, or Zerto test failover to instil confidence that your data is clean and ready for recovery.

Having a Clean Recovery Environment

Clean data is only as useful as the environment it’s recovered into. Consider resources such as time, hardware, and personnel. To expedite recovery, incorporate automation, explore third-party MSPs or hyperscale cloud providers for infrastructure, and ensure staff possesses the necessary skills and process knowledge.

Having a Backup Plan for Your Recovery Plan

While automation is valuable, teams should be adept at the entire recovery process. Test your recovery plan regularly, both with comprehensive failovers and incremental recovery scenarios. Ensure your recovery plan is dynamic and evolves with your environment, tying it into your Change Management system.

Remember, your recovery plan should not be a static document. It should adapt to changes in your infrastructure, applications, and processes. If you’re unsure where to start or need assistance aligning stakeholders or testing recovery, Millgate‚Äôs team along with 11:1 Systems is here to help.

A reliable recovery plan is the linchpin of effective data protection. Ensure yours is not just a plan on paper but a dynamic, evolving strategy ready to face unforeseen challenges.

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