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Written by Millgate 31/03/2020

Discover how machine learning can boost your application uptime with HPE Nimble.

Your users expect data to be instantly available. Any slowdown or disruption across the infrastructure stack (storage, networks and servers) causes an “app-data” gap that disrupts data delivery and slows down your business.

Recent research has shown that the average cost of an hour of downtime is about half-a-million dollars, and this will only increase with the continued digitisation of industries.

Enter the HPE Nimble storage solution

For far too long, superior storage availability has only been possible through expensive, on-site service contracts on excessively redundant hardware models.

HPE Nimble Storage closes the app-data gap by combining predictive analytics with flash storage to provide fast and reliable access to data, guaranteeing 99.9999% availability, delivering the best all-flash capacity per terabyte in the industry – and future-proofing design for value today and tomorrow.

Nimble users can gain access to Infosight, an AI driven predictive analytics machine and learning solution, which automatically resolves 86% of problems before you are even aware.

HPE Nimble Storage Benefits

How it works

  • Predictive: lnfoSight Predictive Analytics is the first and only analytics platform built into storage to predict and prevent problems across the infrastructure stack and simplify operations. It provides a transformed support experience and enables you to avoid disruption and time wasted solving infrastructure.


  • Multicloud: Ideal for hybrid IT because it provides a single architecture with unified data services, common management and mobility across all-flash, hybrid flash on-premises and public cloud. Enabling you to set up disaster recovery at a third of the cost. Transparently move applications between any type of array without application interruption.


  • Reliably fast: High performance and scalable all-flash, hybrid flash and secondary flash arrays with     > 99.9999% (six nines!) measured availability across all models.


  • Radically simple: Simple to buy, install and use for IT buyers looking for a new level of self-managing and self-aware storage. Robust application plug-ins, Docker container support and Infosight’s detailed executive dashboards reduce provisioning and capacity planning overhead.


  • Efficient: Industry-leading flash efficiency with online deduplication and compression to achieve the perfect price/performance/capacity sweet spot. Quality of Service controls enable application and storage consolidation without affecting performance.


“We’ve had Nimble for over two years, with many petabytes of capacity, and we are at 100% availability.”

Justin Giardina, CTO, iland

Stop losing time and performance to the app-data gap. Discover how machine learning can boost your application uptime and speak to one of Millgate’s HPE Nimble experts today on 0114 242 7310 or request a call back.

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