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Learn How To Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Written by Millgate 03/05/2023
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In 2021, a whopping 623 million Ransomware attacks were recorded globally. This is a huge number to be left ignored. Your cyber security needs to be airtight, and your data should not be exposed to anyone who isn’t authorised to see it. It’s time to ask the question: Is your system vulnerable? If the question makes you hesitate, your business may need to analyse ways to be safer. Here’s how to prevent ransomware attacks and keep your data safe from theft.

  • Unsafe links

Imagine the internet as a video game. Every video game has traps to keep you from succeeding and winning. The internet is full of traps as well and it is important not to fall for unsafe links. They could be enticing and could trick you into clicking them. A good rule of thumb is to avoid links that don’t come from a site your company trusts, to avoid hackers’ access to your network.

  • Phishing emails

Phishing tricks you into thinking that an email relevant to your work or life is in your inbox so you click and are exposed to viruses or make your system vulnerable. Tell tale signs to look out for would be spelling errors and any small detail that may not seem right.

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  • USB

Avoid using USB drives to store your data. Not only can USBs be stolen easily, but it’s also hard to protect a USB drive and your computer from viruses that can easily be deployed on the drive. Instead, store your data on the cloud, so there’s no physical access point for hackers to exploit.

  • Social Engineering

Oversharing personal information with anyone can be dangerous. This could lead to phishing emails that look very realistic because they have been made with information a hacker has learnt about you. This could be in real life or through social media. It’s best to avoid posting intimate details about your life over the internet, like the area you live in, so hackers can’t misuse this information.how to prevent ransomware attacks

  • Up-to-date OS

An operating system that is not up to date cannot protect you from new viruses being released every single day. These can cause vulnerabilities in your system that your old OS cannot protect you from. It is best to update your system regularly, so it has best chance to protect your data.

  • Constant backups

Backing up your data means in the case of data theft; you still have a version of the data safe and away from hackers. It is crucial to have a backup as many ransomware attackers threaten to delete all data, which could be extremely harmful for your business. Backing up will ensure that even though data has been deleted, it will still exist on the cloud for you to go back to.

Following these simple rules ensure that your data is safer than it was before. Education, training and being aware of your surroundings is crucial today. If your business has data security needs, Millgate’s security experts are here to help understand your needs and provide you with a solution that works for you. Contact us today to for a quick consultation.



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