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Learn How Do You Minimise Data Theft?

Written by Millgate 24/04/2023
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Data theft remains the leading security concern for every business around the world. This is because lost and stolen data can be extremely harmful to your business and can lead to clients losing trust in your company. Having a defence against data theft protects you from the disastrous consequences of not having the right protection. It’s like they say, prevention is better than cure. Searching for a ‘cure’ after your network has been reached is an uphill task and does not guarantee you retrieve your data.

Here are some ways Data Theft could occur:

  • Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a method hackers use to deploy phishing attacks. The hackers try to understand your likes and dislikes, either in real life or online, to then send you relevant emails that you then click. Social engineering makes it easy for hackers to understand you and it could even happen in real life, where they befriend you to get personal information out of you.

  • Weak passwords

If you have a weak password like a birthday or your address, you may as well just give your logins away to your hackers. Password health is crucial to ensuring you don’t have easy-to-guess passwords because it makes it simple for hackers to come after your data.

Data theft - weak passwords

  • Vulnerable system

Imagine a bucket of water with holes in it, it’s not able to function as a proper bucket and will keep leaking water until you patch it up in the right manner. Vulnerabilities in your systems allow Data leaks and thefts to occur as there are holes in your system that haven’t been repaired.

  • Human Error

Human error is a huge reason data thefts occur. Humans tend to make mistakes; phishing emails are easy to fall for if you don’t know the tell-tale signs of what to look for. Educating employees and training them on what they should be looking out for can be a huge step in the right direction to protect your network from miscreants.

  • Compromised downloads.

Downloading from unauthorised websites can lead to viruses getting on your computer that can compromise your files and expose them to hackers. Downloading files from compromised websites should be monitored and prevented to keep your network safe.

data theft downloads

  • Name your documents properly

You can’t keep something safe if you don’t know it exists. Organisation and proper nomenclature are crucial to know where all your files are, so you know how to keep them all safe.

If your business has data protection needs and you don’t know where to start, Millgate is here to help guide you. Our security experts can help you understand your business’s needs and advise you on the right solution for you! Click here to contact our specialists today!


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