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11:11 Systems for Veeam Disaster Recovery as A Service

Written by Millgate 09/05/2023
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When something unexpected happens, your organization must recover quickly and keep things running for your customers. This is crucial to maintain trust with your customers and comply with regulations, so your organisation does not run into any hitches in the future. 11:11’s disaster recovery as a service for Veeam integrates backup, disaster recovery and hyper recovery with Veeam Cloud.

With years of industry experience, 11:11 Systems understands the need for DRaaS and therefore makes deployment, failover and testing straightforward and stress-free.

Here are some important questions to address when planning and designing a hosting infrastructure:

  • How much data can be lost?
  • How much money will it cost your business when the mission-critical services are unavailable?
  • How much time can mission-critical functions be unavailable?

Of course, you don’t want data or money to be lost and mission-critical infrastructure to have any downtime. These can cause serious issues to your business; issues you may not be able to recover from financially. So, it is critical to deploy disaster recovery as a service so that there is no zero downtime and loss of money or data.

Disaster recovery as a service

Here are some key benefits of DRaaS for Veeam:

  • More centralised management and constant reporting through the 11:11 cloud console.
  • Integrated Veeam replication and a plan for recovery in the cloud.
  • Dedicated compliance support to talk about organisational requirements.
  • 24×7, 365 days customer support. Round-the-clock customer support.
  • A fully managed failover option is available for those who need added support.
  • Geographic and industry regulation information support.

All business’s requirements are different and therefore require customised services and solutions that work for them. But it’s a challenge for every organisation when integration doesn’t work how it’s supposed to, and the tools and methods don’t work for the business.

11:11 System’s DRaaS for Veeam is created to suit your business’s requirements, so your organisation can work without the stress of data loss. Contact the Millgate team today to know more.

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