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Written by Millgate 18/04/2023
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Imagine a world where humans never collaborated and worked as a team. Football wouldn’t exist; monuments and the wonders of the world wouldn’t be built, and kingdoms and countries would be lost in anarchy. Humans have been wired to work together in harmony to create an environment beneficial for everyone. In the same way, collaboration in the workplace is crucial to your company’s productivity and having collaborative technology helps your employees communicate the way they should.

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A recent survey suggests that employees who work in collaborative settings are 50% more productive in the workplace than people who don’t. This is a huge percentage of people that see the benefits of collaboration. It’s time to ask the question: Is your business doing enough to initiate and perpetuate collaboration in the workplace?

Here’s how collaborative technology can help your business:


  • Helps fast and immediate communication (Call, text, email)

After Covid, remote working has become more desirable among employees. But teamwork shouldn’t take a dip just because your employees are not meeting face to face. Your employees could be in various cities and never meet face to face. Having the resources to be able to communicate with them easily via email, call or instant message is crucial to the functioning of your office.

  • Allows file access remotely

A cloud space for your files is a superb way to keep everyone in the loop. While your team works on a project, it can be extremely inconvenient to have various versions of the same file on each computer. It becomes hard to keep track of what edits have been made already. Having access to the same file in a cloud space can help your projects succeed.

  • Saves Time

Imagine the amount of time that is wasted in going back and forth on a project because you didn’t communicate with your team enough. Not communicating the right things in the right manner is a large percentage of the reason why time management becomes difficult for individuals, and you get stuck doing the same job repeatedly.


  • Strengthening relationships

Face-to-face interaction is great. But when your business is remote or if your employees prefer to work from home, relationships between your employees may get compromised. Friendships and partnerships are crucial to any workplace. Having collaborative tools makes the interaction between teams easier.

  • Better organisation and management

Having collaborative tools gives you better visibility of what your employees do, and the calls going in and out of the company and helps you keep track of projects and their status. Better organisation and management mean more productivity for your company and more profit.

If this resonates with you and if your company can improve collaboration for its employees, Millgate’s various IT solutions can help your company be more productive. Click here to see how!



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