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Learn Breaches up 54% this year

An insight into the current cybersecurity landscape

Written by Millgate 21/08/2019

The number of reported cybersecurity breaches is up 54% this year compared to the same period in 2018, and is on track to being the ‘worst year on record’.

This is according to a report by Risk Based Security, which also found that the number of exposed records was up 52%, with 4.1 billion records being exposed in June this year alone.

The business sector accounted for 67% of reported breaches, followed by medical (14%), government (12%) and education (7%).

The web remains the number one breach type for number of records exposed, at 79%. Email and passwords were exposed in around 70% of breaches.

The report said: “These situations can cost organizations dearly in terms of lost productivity, [money] spent on investigation and remediation, and loss of customer loyalty.”

Protecting your business from potential threats is key for business continuity.

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