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Written by 06/01/2023
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The remote working experience has become increasingly common in a post-pandemic world. Organisations everywhere have learnt to adapt to a virtual environment, and remote working technology has helped employees stay connected even without a physical workspace. Staying connected with your team is especially important, as it builds morale between team members and ensures a more conducive working environment.

Providing employees with technologies and collaboration tools can help your organisation build a smooth remote working environment. It also helps employees feel comfortable wherever they’re working from, ensuring they are linked with each other and aren’t isolated; working as a team is important even when you aren’t meeting face-to-face.

Remote working has helped companies save on resources like office space, electricity, heating and water costs by providing their employees tools to work from the comfort of their homes. But to ensure a smooth working environment, there are a few resources your business should not compromise on.

1. Up-to-Date Hardware

Up-to-date technology is important for any company. It ensures that all employees can work smoothly on the company network and makes work-life balance easier. The latest hardware, like laptops, printers and monitors, is specifically designed to make it easier for employees to transition into remote working.

Other technologies like webcams, noise cancelling headphones, microphones, headsets, keyboards and mouse, can create a good home office atmosphere for any employee from the comfort of their homes.

2. Messaging Apps

Messaging apps have been a great addition to remote working technology with their ability to connect employees across the globe, making it easier to message and get in touch with each other for both essential and non-essential communication.

Easy communication is key to remote working and tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack have messaging systems that help companies stay connected as well as helping with file sharing. Messaging applications are easy to install and simple to use. They can be a perfect addition to your remote working environment.

3. Video Conferencing

Effective team meetings are pivotal in any organisation, ensuring efficient inter-departmental communication and information sharing.

Video Conferencing

In the world of remote working, however, meeting in person cannot always be possible. Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are a few platforms that can ensure team collaboration. When working remotely and just with computers, it is easy to forget there are other humans you work with. It is important to see the people you work with every single day, as it helps build a good functioning team and morale. Video conferencing tools help you stay connected from the comfort of your home office.

4. Project Management Platforms

Planning, tracking and organising with a team that works remotely can be challenging, and managing remote workers can be an uphill task. It is important to communicate a plan and make it easy to track so that everyone is aware of what the team needs to do.

Project management platforms are therefore extremely important in ensuring a team can stay on top of all their tasks, allowing them to continue working smoothly. Platforms and collaboration tools like Clickup and Microsoft SharePoint make it easier for remote workers to manage their projects and keep up with all their meetings

5. Cloud Storage

Organisations create and share huge amounts of data every single day.  This information needs a place to be stored. In this digital-first world, most information is now available virtually, as physical copies are increasingly becoming obsolete.

Remote working technology such as a cloud-based storage systems help organisations store information virtually. They also help employees access documents and information from anywhere using a safe and secure network. Dropbox and Google Drive are good examples of the kind of cloud storage available online. For enterprise level cloud storage, Millgate can help you discover the right storage solution for your business.

6. 5G and Faster Internet Connectivity

High quality internet connectivity is essential for businesses to thrive in this fast-paced world. It enables us to connect with people globally and have quick communication across various platforms.

Therefore, fast network connections and 5G mobility are crucial for any business to function at its full potential, enabling businesses to stay on top of their tasks and get things done as quickly as possible rather than losing productivity to lag.

Providing remote workers with faster internet connections in their home offices results in a more connected team that gets tasks done in time. It also ensures that remote workers can get work done with no interruptions, which are more common with slower and weak internet connections.

7. Data Security Solutions

Securing all your data and keeping your information safe is critical to business survival. Every company is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and needs good cybersecurity. This is especially important in remote working since the network in a home working environment is probably less secure than in the office.

Data Security

Regular testing like simulated cyber-attacks and VPN installation in company networks ensures a secure remote work environment and keeps company information safe. Training employees in cybersecurity and informing them of the types of cyber-attacks they may be exposed to could also help in securing company information.

8. IT Services

If you’ve implemented effective hardware and software solutions for remote working, it is also important to ensure they all function, all the time. Hardware can often need servicing and can be easily damaged while being moved between your home and the office. It’s important to have processes in place to ensure that all the equipment is running smoothly, so there are no interruptions during a day’s work. Downtime can cost a company a lot of money in the long run.

Software also requires regular upkeep so that your security, project management tools, video conferencing and cloud storage can function as they should. Plus, outdated and poorly configured software could make your business more vulnerable to cyberattacks and phishing attacks.

Millgate provides a full suite of IT services, technology and security solutions for all your remote working needs. You can find more information on our seamless, integrated services here.




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