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5 reasons updating your antivirus is a good idea

Written by Our Security Team 09/09/2019
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Years ago, when traditional antivirus was in its prime, generic malware was easy to predict by systems. However, with one new malware threat being discovered every 4 seconds, it’s safe to say the threat landscape has changed.

The National Cyber Security Centre recommends implementing a ‘defense in depth’ approach to any business’ IT security. Having a smarter solution for your IT is key to staying safe, and avoiding the cost implications of an attack (which is, on average, over £600k).

Traditional antivirus offers basic malware prevention, meaning it protects against known threats. However, there’s a next-gen solution which utilises AI to actively protect against both known and unknown threats – EDR (endpoint detection and response).

EDR solutions monitor, log and store the details of endpoint activity, such as user events, processes, changes to the registry, memory and network usage. This visibility uncovers threats that would otherwise go unnoticed.


Tradition Antivirus vs EDR: 5 reasons to upgrade

These points are based on Panda’s Adaptive Defense 360 solution, which you can learn more about here.

1. Traditional antivirus only protects against threats that are known

As mentioned before, an EDR solution actively monitors and responds to potential threats. By communicating with a central database, which further analyses, investigates and reports on alerts, these solutions provide an essential, real-time security measure in an environment where threats are rapidly growing.

2. You might be wasting money

Next-gen threats are designed to slip past traditional antivirus completely undetected, meaning that your antivirus isn’t doing what you’re paying it to do. Improving the security posture of your company, without increasing operative costs, inevitably means automating the prevention, detection and response capabilities in endpoints.

3. Save time and operating costs with automation

A completely managed service reduces the need for manpower. With EDR, there are no false alarms, and no responsibility is delegated. With no management infrastructure to install, configure or maintain, operating costs shrink to practically zero.

4. Benefit from comprehensive and immediate visibility

An EDR cloud management platform means that all endpoints can be managed in one central interface. These interfaces minimize complexity, and are designed so security teams focus solely on managing the cybersecurity posture of the organisation.

5. Everyone is at risk

With the increased amount of breaches in the news, it can be easy to believe that small or medium sized businesses aren’t at risk. With 43% of cyber attacks targeting smaller businesses, staying up-to-date with security measures could potentially save you from a breach.


If you’re interested in more, you can download Panda’s solution guide to discover more about the solution.

Alternatively, get in touch with our security team at [email protected] to arrange a free demo.

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