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Learn Best Data Security Solutions for Your Business

Written by 10/01/2023
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Businesses have been storing their information virtually for over a decade. It is an extremely sustainable way to store data as it does not take up physical space and the ease of the virtual data storage has made it a crucial part of any business. But with advancing technology comes the dangers of hackers and viruses that could threaten the safety of your systems. Four in ten businesses, reported cyber security breaches in 2021. Your information could be compromised if your data is not secured the right way. To ensure that your information is safe, here are a few data security solutions your business should not compromise on.

Data Discovery and Classification

Data Discovery helps you scan your data, so you know exactly where your information resides. Classification is important to make sure your information can be identified with important keywords, making it easy to find whenever you need it next. Data discovery includes data preparation, visual analysis as well as advanced and detailed analytics on the provided information.

Data Discovery

Discovery and classification are an important part of your data security, as you cannot protect information if you are not aware that it exists. This makes your data vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Data classification also allows information to be categorized into public, private, restricted, and confidential data. Data discovery and classification ensures you know exactly where your information is stored.


A firewall exists to monitor the incoming and outgoing traffic in a network and decides whether to block that traffic based on a certain set of rules. Firewalls are an effective way to establish barriers against viruses that your computer could be exposed to.

Firewalls can be categorized into physical as well as virtual, with hardware firewalls located on the premises. Virtual firewalls are software that protect you from viruses. Data security solutions like Firewalls can be the first line of defence for your business’s network.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security is the practice of securing the entry points of your network, for example devices like laptops, desktops, and mobile phones. Strong endpoint security protects your systems from malware and evolving threats.

Cybersecurity threats have become increasingly sophisticated, so it is important for more advanced endpoint security solutions to fight these threats. These systems are designed to detect, analyse, and restrict attacks in progress.

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention ensures that your employees are not sending sensitive information outside the company network either maliciously or accidentally. Information sent outside of a network can lead to sensitive information being leaked. This information could then be used to jeopardise a company’s profits, reputation and can lead to a lot of business loss.

Data loss prevention is therefore crucial to make sure employees are aware of who they are sending information to. It also helps the company keep track of what information is leaving the company, and to be able to put a stop to it.

Mobile Device Management

Many businesses need to provide mobile devices like laptops, phones and tablets to their employees for day-to-day tasks as well as remote working.

Mobile Device management

Mobile Device Management helps your IT department monitor and secure your employees’ mobile devices. MDM is especially important for organizations who have employees always on -the-go, like Freight, transport and logistics.

MDM helps your business information stay secure, even when your users are traveling or working outside the company network.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication is an effective way of securing certain portals and information. It can use various methods, like using one’s phone to type in a password, using unique knowledge that only the user would know, or using fingerprints and iris scan to secure company information.

Multi-Factor authentication is a familiar tool well all use in our personal lives like online shopping to secure card information to ensure that money is not being stolen. It is also an effective way to make sure that your company information is not being leaked outside company networks.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a simulated cyber-attack against your computer system that evaluates your readiness against a cyber-attack. This is also known as ethical hacking as it is used to make sure your computer systems are safe. It uses the same tools and processes as an attacker would to find weaknesses in a system.

Pen testing can help the company against the most prominent attacks that they may be exposed to. Millgate can provide your business with a range of tests to make sure your systems are safe and secure. Check out this page or contact one of our specialists today to learn more.

Training and Anti Phishing

The technology behind cyber security is crucial, but it is also important is for your employees to be aware of the various kinds of cyber-attacks they may be exposed to. Eighty three percent of cyber breaches on businesses in 2021, were phishing attacks. These attacks could be disguised, tempting you to click on websites by displaying targeted information, which then leads to your hardware and network being exposed to unwanted viruses.

Proper training provided to employees can help you get ahead of the attackers and ensure that your employees do not fall prey to phishing attacks.

Millgate’s in-house security specialists can provide an entire range of services for all your data security solution needs, strengthening your technology and your team’s defences. If you want to test your cyber resilience, take our free self-assessment, or contact us today!


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