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Data Security Penetration Testing

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What is Pen Testing?

Penetration Testing, or ethical hacking, is a cybersecurity technique used for identifying vulnerabilities in a business’s security posture.

By using different tools for penetration testing, providers can perform simulated cyber attacks to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation’s security systems and their compliance.

As part of our mission to help our clients succeed, we’re now able to offer penetration testing as one of our security services. Speak to our specialist today to discover our tools for penetration testing.

How does it work?

The success of a pen test depends on the quality of the testers and their tools for penetration testing. Millgate offers a wide variety of high quality tests to match your particular business needs.

Infrastructure Penetration Test

Assess your applications, servers and network to identify vulnerabilities and prevent malicious access or loss of confidential data due to IP server attacks or internal attacks (servers, workstations, network devices). Assess specified internal-facing network devices using both automated scans and advanced manual testing techniques.

Web Application Penetration Test

Uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses on a web application resulting from insecure development practices in the design, coding and publishing of software or a website. This will help you identify the possibility of a hacker accessing your data from the internet and find any loopholes that could lead to the theft of sensitive data.

Vulnerability Assessment

Issues such as misconfigurations and outdated software can put your systems and data at risk when left uncovered. This test provides a better understanding of your assets, security flaws and overall risks, reducing the chance of a cybercriminal breaching your systems and catching your business offguard.

API Penetration Test

This assessment highlights any vulnerability that can exploit your organisation’s API. This includes SQL Injections, Cross-site Scripting, Denial of Service, Predictable Resource Location, Unintentional Information Disclosure, and Brute Force Attack. API penetration testing’s main goal is to maximise the benefits of APIs while identifying and remediating the risks.

Dark Web Cyber Threat Intelligence

Believe it or not, your company’s most valuable assets and confidential data are always at risk of cybercrime through the dark web. This assessment is designed to identify dark web-based emerging threats. Cyber threat intelligence sources also include open-source, social media, human and technical intelligence.

O365 Penetration Test

Identify and evaluate all flaws and gaps related to the architecture and security segment of Microsoft Office 365 features and functions. Without specialised cloud security skills, organisations using Office 365 monitoring tools may struggle to configure and manage the security threats within their O365 environment.

Red Team Assessment

This assessment is a thorough investigation of your organisation’s security and its ability to repel a skilled, dedicated cyber attacker. By playing the role of ethical hackers, assessors can measure and identify how well your cyber security systems can withstand a real cyber-attack.

Cyber Forensic & Incident Response

Investigate malicious and suspicious activities that could lead to bigger breaches. Experts will use investigative and analytic techniques to gather and preserve evidence from any incidents in a way that is suitable for presentation in a  court of law. We can also conduct incident response when you need assistance responding to and managing a cyberattack, aiming to reduce damage and speed up recovery.

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Our testers are fully certified and our assessments use UK industry approved methodologies. Speak to the Millgate team to find out which penetration testing tools are right for you and discover your security gaps before a cybercriminal does.

Take the Stress Out of Security

Cybercrime continues to become more complicated and more difficult. Our suite of security products and services is evolving in line with this, so please take advantage of these so you can take the headache out of staying cyber secure.

Securing your data

Explore our security portfolio and learn how to secure your data and network with minimal risk.

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ISO Consultancy Services

Millgate, through partners, provides nationwide ISO consultancy services towards UKAS standards 9001/ 14001/27001.

Our partners have the knowledge and experience to provide a bespoke consultancy to help you implement and enhance your ISO Management Systems.


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