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WatchGuard EPDR

Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response.

01 Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP)

The WatchGuard EPP product goes beyond signature-based antivirus to stop malware, ransomware and threats that leverage unknown, zero day vulnerabilities.

02 Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

WatchGuard EDR responds to known and unknown threats by providing visibility and controlling applications running on the network.

03 Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response

WatchGuard EPDR brings together our Endpoint Protection (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities into one easy-to-buy product for maximum security against sophisticated endpoint threats.

Security made simple

Did you know that the endpoint is a favorite target for cyber criminals? With plenty of known vulnerabilities to be exploited and software versions that are often out of date, Endpoint Protection Detection and Response (EPDR) provides a full suite of security and operations tools for protecting people, devices, and the networks they connect to from malicious websites, malware, spam, and other targeted attacks.

Millgate have partnered with WatchGuard to offer a 60-day free trial of everything included in EPDR. Fill out our contact form to request your free trial today.

What's included?

Endpoints are the primary target for most cyberattacks. WatchGuard EPDR brings together Endpoint Protection (EPP) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities into one easy-to-buy product for maximum security against sophisticated endpoint threats.


Protection against state-of-the-art cyber attacks

WatchGuard EPDR protects users from advanced threats, APTs, zero day malware, ransomware, phishing, rootkits, in-memory exploits and malware-less attacks

100% confidence with zero-trust application service

With this service, processes are classified as either malware or as trusted prior to letting only the trusted execute on each endpoint, thereby enabling the ultimate default-deny posture.

Expert threat hunting service

Increase staff utilisation and efficiency with insights from the Threat Hunting Service. Cybersecurity experts analyse any suspicious activity potentially related to hacking and investigate the indicators of attack to find evasion and compromise techniques.

Network to endpoint continuity in WatchGuard cloud

WatchGuard EPDR is managed in WatchGuard Cloud, providing a single pane of glass view into the entire WatchGuard Unified Security Platform.

Further details

For more information about everything included in Authpoint, take a look at this handy data sheet. Alternatively, fill out our quick contact form to start your free trial.

One piece of the security puzzle

EPDR is just one piece of the security puzzle, whereby a full scope security network could massively reduce the chances of being hit by cyber attacks.

WatchGuard’s Passport is a bundle of user-focused security services that travels with your users, to better equip your business with a full package of protection.

Discover your passport to protection here, and check out other valuable security support below.

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