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HALO Smart Sensors

HALO is your solution to providing your business or organisation with a low-risk environment. From carbon monoxide sensors, and vape detectors, to sound abnormalities like bullying or ‘help’ words.

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Smart Sensors To Cater To Your Needs

HALO’s innovative and smart sensors, give your organisation full transparancy

health sensors
Health Sensors

HALO Health sensors include Air Quality Index, Carbon Monoxide, increase or decrease in Humidity, temperature, and toxic particulate matter to ensure your staff is working in a safe environment free of any hindrance.

safety sensors
Safety Sensors

Safety sensors sense spoken keywords at a certain decibel to detect bullying and violence in schools and other places. It then informs the authority of the details of the incidents. The safety sensors can also detect gunshots, aggression, motion, light level, and tamper alerts to protect the occupants of the building from any kind of danger.

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Vape and THC Sensors

HALO uses Dynamic Vape Detection algorithm to learn and detect when someone is vaping where they shouldn’t be. It can also detect THC and aerosol products used to mask the smell of marijuana and vape.

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HALO Cloud

Get real-time visibility with HALO Cloud online dashboard. HALO Cloud can provide information such as Health Index, AQI alerts, and reporting, allowing you to see your building’s trouble areas.


HALO can integrate with and support any 3rd party system and provides an MJPEG or RTSP stream to show the current status and readings to its sensors.

Want to know more about HALO sensors?
Want to know more about HALO sensors?

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