Why Truphone?

The mobile network without borders


Based on advanced technology, Truphone’s pioneering network can transform how you communicate both at home and abroad. Excellent call quality, fast downloads and low rates internationally help you keep in touch and stay productive on the go.

The traditional view

Traditional mobile operators have developed their networks with individual countries in mind. Their main concern is to serve the needs of customers within the borders of any given country. Once users cross those borders, the further they go from that country’s network – or single point of presence. That means lower call quality & higher costs.

Always connected

Truphone patented technology also offers multiple Truphone Zone numbers & one voicemail service all on a single SIM. When a user arrives in any Truphone Zone country, the SIM talks to the local network and acquires a local identity. From then on, the SIM operates just as a local SIM with local data speeds, local call quality & local costs.

The Truphone difference

Truphone is different. We offer a global network service in over 200 countries through six POPs across four contintents. Together they create a single, global, high-speed network. Calls, email & data traffic are always routed to the POP geographically nearest to our customer, so they can benefit from low-cost roaming. Intelligent routing also means fast data speeds & improved call quality.

Plans that go further

And we don’t stop there. Truphone World plans cover all the world’s major business hubs. That means you can make more calls and access more data in 66 countries without thinking twice. Covering every country in Europe, together with Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, China, Russia, Singapore, Iceland, New Zealand and more. Truphone World makes it easy for you to stay in touch on the go.

Local calls at local rates

Truphone even help international users get a completely local experience in as many countries as possible. So, in an area we call the Truphone Zone, our fully interconnected network means customers can talk, text and download like locals, without switching on roaming. The Zone includes the UK, the US, Germany, Spain, Poland, Australia, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.

More reliable

The Truphone network isn’t just more efficient – it’s also more resilient. We use an intelligent network layer to monitor performance in real time so we can provide proactive fault resolution around the world. We test stability by simulating real-world usage – something no other operator can do at this level. Our de-centralised infrastructure also makes our network more resilient to faults.

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