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Microsoft Meet the new members of the Surface family

Modern devices for the intelligent workplace

01 Surface Go 2

Connect in the office, from the field, or on the go. This 2-in-1 empowers employees to get the job done.

02 Surface Book 3

The most powerful Surface laptop yet is faster than ever, pairing speed and graphics with total versatility.

03 Surface Dock 2

Transform your Surface device into a desktop PC or workstation, with more ports and Fast Charging.

The modern workplace is changing

The need for digital transformation has shaped a new culture of work. We’re moving from static desks and silos to collaborative, virtual workspaces. With more data and information available to drive innovation and decision-making, the pressure to be creative, deliver results and get more done with less has never been greater.

This is the world that Surface was built for. The Surface portfolio empowers your people to work from anywhere, encouraging creativity, collaboration and productivity.

Microsoft Surface Go 2 and Surface Book 3
Why Millgate?

Our Microsoft experts work to understand your business requirements and provide bespoke recommendations on not just devices, but also your end-to-end IT portfolio.

Work with a Microsoft expert

Our Microsoft experts are certified across an array of products and will be happy to advise you on identifying the best fit for your business. Learn about the new Surface portfolio or maximise results with a complete solution.

Over two decades of trust

In the 24 years we’ve been operating, we’ve helped out clients succeed through major advances in technology. We’ve been around so long because our clients trust us to do what’s right for them, not what’s easiest for us.

Clever tech, delivered right

At Millgate, our mission is to help clients succeed. We work towards providing tangible, positive outcomes for your business. Put simply, we supply you with a solution that actually works. No fuss. No empty promises. Just clever tech, delivered right.

Build a harmonised network

Our comprehensive range of IT and telephony services enables us to take a holistic approach to helping clients succeed, ensuring each component of their infrastructure complements and enhances the rest. Whatever your business requirements, we can help you succeed.

Why Surface?

The modern workplace is evolving at a faster pace than ever, and 2020 has shown just how quickly businesses must respond. Modern, versatile devices are critical to adapting successfully.

Surface Go 2
Futureproof your business

When you buy Surface—any Surface—you are investing in a device that was intentionally designed for the future of work. Surface devices feature gorgeous displays, premium touch experiences, all-day battery life, and the power to run business critical applications. Count on Surface to keep delivering innovation that inspires new ways of working.

Retain talent

72% of people who use Surface at work want to use it all the time. 77% of people who use Surface for work are proud to be seen with it (+15% over Apple). 75% agree that Microsoft 365 powered Surface devices have helped improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Integrate fully

When you combine Surface with Microsoft 365, you give your people the gift of freedom to work their way, wherever they are, with an outstanding cloud productivity platform and the latest security and modern manageability solutions that proactively keep your business safe.

Start working your way

To find out more about new and other Surface devices, fill out our contact form and our Microsoft expert will be in touch. Alternatively, discover more with the articles below.

Speak to our Microsoft experts
Speak to our Microsoft experts
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