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In addition to selecting the right software for your needs, it is crucial that you ensure all the software you used on the business’s computer system are genuinely licenced.

A software license can address a wide range of issues regarding the use of the software. It can specify how and where the software may be distributed and installed on the licensee's computers, and who may use the software.

A typical software licence may specify the following:

Length of the software usage

Terms & conditions of the software usage

Software Support - updates, upgrades, or technical assistance

Cost of the rights to use the software

Warranty terms

The liability of each party for damages that result from the licensee's use of the software

Ownership rights in the software & any product that is developed using the licenced software

How and where any disputes will be resolved

The user's rights to obtain access to the source code from an escrow under certain circumstances

Any other issues important to the parties

By selecting the correct licencing package for your company, you can save money and will avoid contravention of copyright laws, which could lead to legal proceedings.

Partnered with many global software giants including Microsoft, Dell, HP, IBM, Adobe, Citrix, Cisco, Symantec and VMware, we guarantee that all the software we provide are fully licenced and our licencing experts will advice you on everything from product choice to agreement type. Just let us know your requirements, and we'll do the rest.

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