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StorageCraft Plan ahead for when disaster strikes

With Disaster Recovery as a Service

01 40%

A massive 40% of businesses don’t reopen after a disaster strikes.

02 25%

Unfortunately, a whole 25% of these then fail within just 1 year.

03 DRaaS

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) can prevent your business from becoming a DR statistic.

Disaster Recovery as a Service: How It Works

Did you know business vulnerability is at an all-time high?

Whether the cause is a hardware failure, ransomware attack, or natural disaster, you need to be prepared, and DRaaS is one way you can know with certainty that your business can and will recover quickly.

With as-a-service access to cloud-based backup and recovery aligned with your needs and budget, DRaaS is designed to help your business survive — and thrive — in a world where change is constant and unpredictability is the new normal.

The Challenges

We’re living in uncertain times, and for businesses that means new challenges. But some challenges aren’t so new. Hackers are still going after your data—and your money—only with greater frequency. Now more than ever, it’s essential that your data is protected by any means necessary.


Increase in ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks increased by an incredible 40 percent year over year in Q3 of 2020. That totals 199.7 million cases worldwide, in a quarter. Add in other forms of cyberattacks, malicious internal users, and natural disasters, and the case is clearly made that every business should have a well thought out disaster recovery (DR) plan in place.

The cost of downtime

Did you know that it costs businesses $5,600 for every minute of downtime? Here are some unexpected causes:

  • 53% Software failure and 38% hardware failure
  • 52% Cybersecurity attack
  • 30% Natural disaster
The adoption of remote operations

The adoption of remote and hybrid operations has made data more vulnerable to compromise and loss. There was a 72% increase in ransomware in 2020 and a 50% increase in mobile vulnerability as remote employees accessed data through their devices and networks.

No preparation

Many companies rely too heavily on local-only backups, which can leave gaps in protection that could result in data loss. With that said, 28% of SMBs admit they’re not prepared for downtime because their IT teams are stretched too thin – this could be crippling when a disaster strikes.

Further details

For more information about DRaaS, take a look at this handy brief.  Alternatively, fill out our quick contact form to speak with a security specialist.

The Solution

StorageCraft Cloud Services is a DRaaS solution that offers you everything from file and folder recovery and machine virtualisation to instant failover of an entire site and network.

DRaaS failover means automatically switching to your replicated data in the cloud if disaster should strike. So you’ll always be prepared to get straight back to business, keeping costly downtime to a minimum.

Built for business continuity

DRaaS is the replication and hosting of your physical or virtual servers by a third party. They handle disaster recovery testing, updates, and recovery, so your IT staff can focus on business.

Flexible and available

Flat-rate pricing based on needs avoids unexpected recovery costs. A DRaaS solution lets you customise your cloud storage to fit your needs, whether your IT environment is small and simple or big and complex.

Cost-Effective and scalable

DRaaS eliminates the need to build out and pay for a secondary, off-site data center which can cut the amount you spend on redundant hardware. This can further free up time for in-house IT teams to concentrate their time on innovation and organisational demands.

Secure, anywhere access and instant recovery

Data is backed up and recovered to a cloud environment that’s monitored 24/7, so you can remotely manage your cloud backup and recovery. Featuring an easy-to-use, self-service online portal, including privacy and security measures to ensure you’re the only one able to access stored backup images.

Modernise today

Disaster can strike at any time, so don’t wait until it’s too late to make sure your data is 100% protected. Get in touch to discuss how you can modernise your data backup and recovery.

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