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Poly solutions help create productive, connected spaces. We’ll make it simpler for you.

01 70%

of employees are now working from home, compared to just 34% before the COVID-19 pandemic.

02 77%

of employees probably will or definitely will expect to keep working from home for at least some of the time after COVID-19.

03 53.5%

of businesses say managing their employees remotely is a challenge.

Make remote working simple

Are you working from home or back in the office? Maybe you’re blending the two? It’s common for lots of businesses right now, and it might seem like there’ll be more to manage than ever.

You might be considering devices for blended working. What headset will work best to lose those noisy distractions? Should you go wired or wireless? Or what kind of camera will help them present in a board room or collaborate in a huddle room?

Wherever you’re working, you and your employees will need the tools to keep working together.

Our picks

Poly solutions help create productive, connected spaces – from conference rooms to kitchen tables. We’ll make it simpler for you.

Poly Blackwire 8225

A premium corded UC headset.

  • Features a flexible, noise-canceling microphone with
    Poly Acoustic Fence Technology
  • Keeps out distracting sounds with advanced hybrid Active
    Noise Canceling (ANC) with three settings to optimize
  • Connects through USB-A or USB-C and works across all
    communication platforms.
Trio C60

A smart conference phone for the best audio experience in
medium and large rooms.

  • Brilliant Poly signature audio with 22 kHz that covers up to
    20ft/6m pickup range
  • Versatile support for BYOD with USB, Bluetooth, and IP, and options
    to pair with Poly Studio X family and G7500 video solutions
  • Initiate meetings in seconds, simply join with one-touch,
    and daisy-chain up to three conference phones
Poly Studio X50

An all-in-one video bar that brings teams face to face,
wherever they are.

  • Radically simple to use with cloud video apps such as
    Zoom and Microsoft Teams built in – no computer needed
  • Connects to nearly any cloud video service through
    open standards
  • 4K Ultra HD with production-quality camera framing, tracking,
    and dual display support, so everyone’s got full view
A solution for every space

Not every workspace will be ideal. Some will have to adapt to help employees stay productive while socially distanced. But you can make the best of each by choosing equipment with your employees in mind.

The home office

Keep employees sounding professional while they juggle their personal lives. Tools need to block out distracting background noise while providing clear audio and video for meetings with freedom to pick up and go.

The conference room

Connect every employee across your business with tools that provide complete audio and video clarity, no matter how many employees are in (or out of) the room. Be confident that no meeting will be interrupted by external noise.

The open office

Even traditional workspaces can become productivity hubs with pre-configured, complete connectivity setups that provide clear audio, background noise blocking and pick-up-and-go technology for employees on the move.

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