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Microsoft 365 A Modern Classic

Bridge the gap between classic and modern IT

01 The Old Way

Business-owned single devices were tied to the corporate network with manual, reactive maintenance

02 The New Way

Multiple devices are managed through the cloud with more automation and integration

03 The M365 Way

Modernise at your own pace, with a solution and a supplier you can trust

Bridge the IT gap

Since 2020, digital transformation has moved at a pace never seen before, and the gap between traditional and modern IT is now larger than ever. For some, it might seem their competitors and customers are too advanced in their cloud journeys for them to ever be caught up with.

Fortunately, a solution exists that allows IT teams to move to a modern workplace at a pace that’s right for them, enhancing productivity, collaboration and security without abandoning legacy infrastructure until it is no longer needed.

Our new eBook introduces you to Microsoft 365 and how it can help you to bridge the gap between your classic and modern IT with Microsoft 365.

A brief introduction to M365 1
A brief introduction to M365 2
Classic vs Modern. Why not both?

Historically, migration to a modern workplace meant risking the loss of your tried and tested IT for something new and unknown. With Microsoft 365, you don’t have to choose between the old and the new.


Modern IT

The demands on IT are incredible. IT needs to be able to support multiple device platforms in a cloud-managed way, all while driving automation to reduce costs and, most importantly, improving the experience for the end users. It ultimately falls on your IT team to make all of that happen.

Classic IT

But the reality is we are also still living in a world of classic or traditional IT. And there is real tension here. IT departments have built themselves around the traditional PC lifecycle, managing images, controlling updates, locking down behaviour and protecting users. And so IT must evolve and adapt.

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Your IT

We don’t think this should be an either/or. The Microsoft 365 approach is to allow you to do both, and to modernise at your own pace, to manage risk in a smart way. To take advantage of the cloud and modern IT, but also give you the tools and capabilities to bring that design point to your existing investments so you aren’t throwing everything out.

microsoft 365
Microsoft 365: 4 key promises
  1. Unlocks creativity by enabling people to work naturally while utilising AI
  2. Provides a universal toolkit for teamwork with flexibility and choice in communication
  3. Simplifies IT by unifying management across users, devices, apps and services
  4. Helps safeguard data and IP with built-in, intelligent security
Helping you on your journey

While Microsoft 365 makes it simple to modernise at your own pace, there are still a lot of short and long-term considerations for your business. At Millgate, our mission is to help clients succeed, which means you can trust us to help you deliver a solution that actually works for your business requirements.

Millgate IT
End-to-end technology

Millgate’s end-to-end technology offering includes hardware, software and a range of services. This means we can support seamless integration of any solutions we help you implement, allowing you to get all you need from one supplier.

A trusted partner

Our service doesn’t just end with a sale. Our qualified engineers work with you to implement your technology across your business, and we have an in-house device repair team and remote support help desk to resolve any tech problems you encounter down the line.

Minor products or major projects

Whatever your technology needs are, we’re here to help you succeed. From individual components to international construction projects, we’ll get you kitted out with the right tech for your requirements. Let us know what we can do for you.

Speak to a specialist today

Microsoft 365 makes it easy for you to bridge the gap between classic and modern IT. But the support of a partner with over two decades’ experience helping others on that journey can make the process even simpler and more effective. Speak to one of our Microsoft specialists today to discuss your IT modernisation goals.

Download the eBook: a Crash Course in M365
Download the eBook: a Crash Course in M365

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