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Mobile devices have become powerful tools, allowing drivers to navigate, communicate, optimise routes, accept jobs and track shipments. This is invaluable for supply chain management, offering far greater flexibility whilst reducing costs.

To remain competitive, we’re seeing more and more logistics companies incorporate Mobile Device Management (MDM) into their operations. The ability to manage entire networks of remote devices from a central location boosts productivity and ultimately the efficiency of the entire supply chain.

Mobile Device Management

MDM enables total app, content, and update control on remote devices from a central point. This saves time on deployment and management as well as protecting devices with location tracking and remote data wiping, ensuring your information is safe.

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Device Security

Password-protect device settings so that only authorised users have access, preventing field personnel from changing device settings without the knowledge of the administrator. Enable work-related apps only, improving focus throughout the day, whilst saving on costly data and reducing potential exposure to malware. 

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Diagnostics and Reporting

Maintaining devices is essential for keeping drivers on the road and ensuring the supply chain is always moving. MDM solutions can monitor device health and improve lifespan by performing diagnostics. This is all done remotely, allowing one console to control a fleet of other devices. 

labtop surrounded by tablets and mobile phones
Device Deployment and Management

Mass configure devices in one go, and after the initial setup, manage devices remotely. Admins can even remotely wipe data to ensure sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Location tracking adds even more protection and may save money by helping find lost devices. 

technology support on the phone in front of a computer
Support and Maintenance

Maintain and support many devices across your supply chains by remotely taking control to provide technical support to staff in the field. Schedule updates and scans to keep devices functional.

Who are 42Gears?

42Gears is a leader in enterprise mobility solutions, recognised by Gartner and Forrester and offering a suite of products to meet any and all MDM needs.


Save time and money by updating apps, content and troubleshooting many devices at once from a central console. Drive productivity by mastering data management, ensuring staff only use devices for business whilst prioritising security by remotely wiping any stolen devices. Quarantining business apps separately from the rest of the device allows staff to securely and productively use personal devices.


Businesses benefit from deploying off-the-shelf mobile devices as kiosks to improve mobility and save on infrastructure costs. SureLock is an industry-leading tool to lock devices into kiosk mode, which offers businesses more control over their apps by restricting user access.

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