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Users want technology that’s familiar, easy to use, and always available so they can work fluidly across devices and locations. IT needs solutions that can be implemented and managed easily.

Microsoft is uniquely suited to partner with you on your journey, because Microsoft 365 is built to help every organisation in every industry build resilience and improve the bottom line with the cloud.

Our specialists are available to discuss how Microsoft 365 could help you protect and empower your people.

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Microsoft: the perfect sidekick

Equipping your IT arsenal with Microsoft 365 will let you and your team be more productive from anywhere while simultaneously boosting your business’s security, all through one cost-effective solution.

Productivity: The Threat

73% of employees want flexible remote working to stay, but 60% feel less connected to their team while remote. In addition, 56% say job demands have increased while wellbeing has declined, something not helped by the 200+ non-integrated apps being used by the average organisation.*

Productivity: The Power

Using integrated tools like Microsoft 365 simplifies work, while tools like Teams give everyone a voice to keep colleagues feeling connected – even when apart—boosting employee engagement by 16%, creativity by 33% and collaboration by 51%!*

Protection: The Threat

There has been a surge of cyberattacks, particularly ransomware and phishing, and vulnerabilities must be continuously re-evaluated as remote work and personal device use scales.

Protection: The Power

Microsoft 365 gives you the ability to ensure only the right users have access across devices and apps, with single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and biometric tools. Users are 50% more likely to feel their technology helps keep end users and data protected.*

Pricing: The Threat

An uncertain economic future drives a need for continuous cost savings and agility, but investing in digital transformation is essential for success. Furthermore, staffing challenges require teams to achieve more with less resource.

Pricing: The Power

Consolidating to a single platform with a pricing model like Microsoft 365’s allows you to transition from Capex to Opex cash flow, all while saving time and money on administration, deployment and flexible working. Calculate your ROI here

Make a dynamic duo with Millgate

We’ve been partnering with clients to aid their digital transformations for over 25 years by providing technology that actually works to fulfil their business requirements.

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25+ years of transformations

Millgate has been in business since 1996. In that time, we’ve helped our clients succeed through major advances in tech. Our experience spans the cloud and allows us to help develop and deliver the right solution for your requirements.

End-to-end technology

We’re not a hardware supplier. We’re an end-to-end technology partner for our clients, advising on all aspects of their IT and telephony to build a unified estate that will save time, effort and money.

A powerful partnership

Our service doesn’t just end with a sale. Your dedicated account manager and our qualified engineers work with you to implement your solution across your business. We also have an in-house device repair team and remote support help desk to resolve any and all tech problems your business encounters down the line.

Minor products or major projects

Whatever your technology needs are, we’re here to help you succeed. From individual components to international construction projects, we’ll get you kitted out with the right tech for your requirements. Let us know what we can do for you.

Get your software superpowers today!

Speak to a dedicated Microsoft specialist today to discuss whether Microsoft 365 can help make IT the hero your organisation deserves.

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