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Why is workplace transformation so important?

Written by Cisco 18/09/2019

Originally written by Karen D. Schwartz for Cisco.

The UK is home to more than 5.6 million small businesses, representing more than 99 percent of all businesses. Yet 60% of those small businesses will fail within their first five years.

Those that succeed and experience business growth have to do a great deal right – not only securing the funds and finding the best employees, but giving employees what they need to be as efficient, agile and productive as possible.

We talked to Cisco’s Mark Needham, Business Development Manager for Worldwide Collaboration Sales GTM and Strategy, about what it takes to flourish as a small business today.

What is workplace transformation?

Mark Needham: The idea of workplace transformation is actually very simple. It’s about transforming the workplace through spaces and technology into something that can optimized workflows, processes and workplace productivity, in a way that is intuitive, inviting, easy to use, and attractive to millennials and Gen Z workers.

That last part is really important; younger workers today expect flexible and mobile work environments, and demand excellent experiences with technology. They also have grown up in a connected world, and they expect to be connected 24/7.

Small businesses often seem to have the cards stacked against them. How can the idea of transforming the workplace help ensure business growth and success?

Done right, it allows small businesses to compete against larger competitors in a way they haven’t been able to before by adding the intelligence of a truly collaborative experience that covers physical spaces, software, and processes to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. Your customers and partners’ interactions with you will be the same as it would be if you were a multinational organization. Imagine what that does for your credibility in those interactions.

Is workplace transformation related to activity-based working? That seems to be a phrase we hear a lot today.

Yes, they are intrinsically related. Workplace transformation requires switching your mindset and processes into what many are calling an “activity-based working environment”, where employees have a choice of different space types to support their needs for privacy, collaboration and socialization.

Research is showing that activity-based working environments increase productivity. To improve productivity to the maximum extent possible, workers need to have a consistent experience whether they are working from home, an office or a co-office space, on their device of choice.


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