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Learn Benefits of Ethical Hacking

Written by Millgate 20/03/2023
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39% of businesses reported a cyberattack in 2022. This is a huge percentage of companies whose data and information were vulnerable and exposed to malicious hackers. Having preventative measures in place needs to be an essential part of cybersecurity for all businesses, no matter how small.

Ethical hacking, or penetration testing, helps you identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your network that can be easily exploited. This means ethical hackers go in to hack your systems under the guise of a malicious hacker, through phishing attacks, deploying viruses and other malware, to see where the problem lies so you can action it.

How is ethical hacking different from hacking?

It’s simple really – let’s be honest, you wouldn’t pay someone to hack you for real now, would you? Ethical hacking is when your business is paying to get hacked in order to understand what your security lacks. It does not lead to loss of data or money.  Malicious hacking has the intention of stealing money or information, which can be really harmful to businesses. Ethical hacking stops potential hackers from taking advantage of your network.

ethical hacking

Here are the kinds of tests ethical hacking can do

  • Network Infrastructure testing

Your network comprises of all the computers that your employees work on, as well as storage and servers. A compromised network exposes every computer to hackers, and information leaking is easy. Testing your infrastructure should be part of your holistic security solution.

  • Web application testing

Your website is the face of the company. It allows your business to give people a tour of the company without having physically visited it and needs to provide crucial information to customers and potential clients. Bugs and viruses on your website can slow down pages, or even stop it from loading, which is not beneficial for your business.

With more and more infrastructure and storage shifting to the cloud, it’s pertinent to be cautious of attacks taking place via the cloud.  Your cloud infrastructure could be under attack at any time, and it is crucial to test the gaps in your cloud security to ensure all your bases are covered.

  • Wireless testing

Wireless and broadband connections are extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Wireless testing evaluates all electrical products that do not require wires to connect with each other.penetration testing   

  • Social engineering

Social engineering is the manipulation of people which leads them to accidentally divulge confidential information. This can be by Phishing attacks, where the person is manipulated into opening an email that seems relevant to them. Education about cybersecurity is therefore important in every organisation to ensure that these human errors don’t take place.

Here are some goals of ethical hacking:

  • Detecting vulnerabilities that are impossible to detect with software

A bucket of water with a bunch of holes cannot do its job properly. Ethical hacking’s goal is to find the holes in your network, so you can put protective measures in place to hold all your information in, rather than leak out.

  • Assess the impact on the business with such attacks

Leaked customer information is extremely harmful to your business. The information could be exploited in several different ways and your business loses its reputation among clients. A hacking attack can also lead to loss of money. Ethical hacking can help you access how bad this can be for your business, to help you put more security in place.

  • Test the ability of defenders and firewalls

Think of it as putting your security system through an exam. It needs to protect you against all kinds of cyberattacks to be able to qualify. If it doesn’t, it needs to be addressed, amended and fixed before it can protect you.

  • Encourage conversation around cybersecurity in the workplace

Cybersecurity is an important conversation your organisation should be having. It is crucial to your infrastructure and education and training should be provided to each and every employee on the kinds of cyberattacks they may encounter and how they may affect them and the company.

Ethical hacking and penetration testing need to be part of your holistic security journey. Education and preventative measures can help your business stay safe from predators. Our in-house specialists here at Millgate can help provide the right kind of advice and solutions that benefit your business. Book a friendly consultation with us today to see how we can help you.






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