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Learn What is Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Written by Millgate 27/03/2023
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What is Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Power cuts are unavoidable. It’s hard to predict when lighting may strike on a power line, or a tree may fall on the grid because of strong winds or adverse weather. Accidents are prone to happen and even regular repairs could cause a disruption in power to your homes and offices. Power failure can cause a sudden shutdown of your network, causing harm to your computers, loss of information because of data not being backed up and can also interrupt business.

uninterruptible power supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply or a UPS helps you and your equipment with a smoother response keeping your computers working even after a power cut, so you get the time to back up your data, save all the files you are working on and give you control on when a shutdown takes place.

A UPS is often overlooked since its effects can’t be seen on a day-to-day basis, but continuous and clean power is essential in the 21st century with our offices and homes depending on it to function properly. A UPS’s goal is to provide uninterrupted and clean power for enough time for you to shut down your system in the right way. It also helps save your systems from surges and spikes and ‘cleans’ the electricity before it enters your network so that it does not damage your computers and servers.

Why is having a UPS beneficial?

  • Emergency power supply

Imagine you’re watching a movie on a flight. You’re right at the end, just about to get all your answers, when the plane lands. How frustrating would that be? In the same way, your working experience shouldn’t be interrupted by a blackout. Getting an estimated time of how long you may have before your power ultimately goes away can help you back up your data in the right manner and turn off your device correctly.

  • Maintain battery life

The electricity coming from the grid is not always clean. It is prone to surges and spikes that can be harmful to your device’s battery and can cause more harm in the long run. Your UPS acts as a doormat; it cleans your power at the door, so it enters your house (or office) clean and ready to use without damaging the battery life of your devices.

  • Protect uncertain data loss

How many times have you accidentally closed a document you’ve been working hard on, and not saved the file? Data loss can be extremely frustrating, as it leads to loss of time as well as trying to get back to missed out work. On average, a power outage can cost an SMB £820. Data loss due to a power outage is not something your business can afford, and it’s always better to be prepared for these unforeseen circumstances.

  • Reliable power source

You should be able to work without the stress of your system shutting down, no matter the weather or any other circumstances. Having a reliable power source like a UPS gives your company the confidence that no matter what happens, your work won’t be interrupted abruptly. We have all heard of the energy crisis and staged blackouts could massively affect businesses. Having a UPS can help cut down on how much time the business is lost during these power cuts. This also helps your reputation with your customers, so they know that you are business that can be trusted with confidential data, that won’t get lost due to a power cut.

Whether home working or an office work environment, Millgate believes that any company’s power needs should not be compromised. Our specialists can give you tailored advice as to what your company’s power needs are and can help keep your work going, no matter what. Contact us today to understand how we can help!





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