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Learn The hidden costs of printing

52% of SMBs are turning a blind eye to the cost of their printing

Written by Millgate 19/03/2019

Download Brother’s report on the hidden cost of printing today.


Avoid a hidden costs discussion about printers by tackling your expenses head-on.

Tackle waste

Shave 10% to 30% off your print budget by actively managing your printing behaviour.

Companies are often throwing money away on unnecessary printing, the needless use of colour and abandoned print jobs. Your employees might print without limitations, and lack the training to print in a responsible way.

The cost of loyalty

Modern printers are on average 35.6% more efficient than their predecessors.

your old printers may have served you well, but how much is your loyalty really costing? The older the printer, for example, the more likely that it consumes significant amounts of energy even when it’s idle.

View Brother’s report on the hidden cost of printing by clicking the button below.

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