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Learn Team Working Has Never Been Easier

Written by Millgate 24/05/2023
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Communication and collaboration are key for any business. Being able to get your message across and collaborate on projects, encourages positivity and better ideas, which in turn boosts business. But with more and more remote workers, team working can seem daunting and an uphill task.

But this isn’t true at all. Research shows that 77% of workers believe they are more productive when working remotely. And a large part of this productivity is the ability to work and collaborate with others using tools available to you and at your disposal.

Here’s how collaboration in the workplace has been improved by technology:

  • Video Conferencing tools with messaging

Communication has improved significantly since instant messaging, calls, and video conferencing have been integrated to the same system. It makes it easier for someone to contact you for day-to-day work and makes it simpler to get a job done rather than just relying on emails to get answered.

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  • Cloud storage and file sharing

Imagine working on a project with a group and different versions of the project exist with different people, rather than working on the same project in one document. Cloud storage makes file sharing and collaboration uncomplicated since everyone can work on the same project without having to keep track of the latest version.

  • Better organisation

Organisation is simpler with modern technology and it’s easier to keep track of what your employees are doing and gives you complete transparency within your system. This means better organisation and management of your team.

  • Saves time

With new technology and system integration with CRMs, time management becomes more straightforward as communication and collaboration become easier. You no longer have to waste time with emails and waiting to see if your team has done their jobs to fulfill their targets, as your phone integrates with your systems to give you all that information and more.

  • Stronger relationships

Better collaboration means that you are building stronger relationships with your team and making sure these relationships stick. It is crucial for your team to have such relationships and strong communication, as teamwork is the building block of every organisation.

Do you think your organisation needs better communication and teamwork? Millgate can help you get your employees there, with our great digital workspace solutions that can increase your productivity. Contact our team today to learn more!

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