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Written by Millgate 13/03/2020

To be truly agile, a business needs robust resilience. That includes remote working options when the office becomes inaccessible.

As floods, travel disruption and the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic have all demonstrated, this is no longer a luxury for many businesses; it is a necessity.

But remote working doesn’t have to cause disruption to your operations, your people or your customers. In fact, it can provide a range of business benefits.

Increased productivity

A recent survey found that 75% of managers believed their remote workers were more productive, and it’s easy to see why. Using flexible approaches and new technology, employers can get the most from their members of staff. Mobile email allows employees to use ‘dead’ time, such as travelling or waiting for meetings, to catch up with essential communications, which can save up to one hour per day. Home working can also help your staff find extra hours in the day; as there is no commuting time and a more relaxed environment, many employees find that they concentrate for longer and produce better work.

Talent attraction and retention

A thriving business relies upon the skills and knowledge of its staff. While increased pay is still the primary motive for workers taking a new job, flexible working practices are now running a very close second. Crucially, remote working can become an extra option for employers when there is no additional money available to retain a member of staff, potentially saving budget on recruitment and short-term cover for the role.

Improved customer service

Having instant access to your email is the best way to give quick responses to a customer. Using CRM packages on mobile email devices or being able to access phone lists and contacts while at home gives a speed and quality of service that is immediately noticeable. Answering questions thoroughly first time, without recourse to calling the office, minimises problems and maximises levels of support.

Reduces your carbon footprint

Green policies are becoming increasingly important in business. By adding remote working to your emissions reduction strategy, you’re strengthening your environmental commitment while also making your company more competitive. A home working strategy is the obvious way to reduce the amount of travelling associated with your business. Car travel accounts for 25% of Britain’s carbon footprint, so allowing someone to work from home just one day a week really can make a difference. Plus, the new generation of network and video conferencing solutions allow workers to meaningfully interact with each other. It’s no longer necessary for employees to travel cross country for short meetings, saving time, expense and natural resources.

Lowers costs

On a basic level, a remote workforce saves on utility bills and cost of upkeep, but there are other options that could make your company more efficient. Connecting home workers via IP to answer calls could mean that you enhance your call centre strategy. Moving to smaller premises and adopting a hotdesking policy could also dramatically lower your costs. Remote working’s return on investment is very attractive. Outlay on mobile email is quickly outweighed by its benefits – in fact, the break-even timings on smart devices are usually around 2–3 months. Plus, updates and applications can be added gradually, so investment can be spread over several phases.


The benefits of remote working are plentiful, but implementation requires excellent planning from the get go to ensure success.

Therefore, you need to work with a technology provider who can understand your business needs and provide a solution that’s suitable for your organisation.

Millgate’s advisors are highly experienced in developing holistic remote working solutions that address all requirements, from devices and telephony to security and software.

Request a callback from one of our dedicated advisors today or call the team via 0114 242 7310 to explore remote working options that work for you.  

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