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Written by Millgate 08/05/2019

Over 70% of employees reuse the same password at work, and 59% reuse their passwords everywhere for both work and personal accounts.

OneLogin’s recent survey studied the habits of 600 IT professionals in the UK and US, and found that the password hygiene of most employees needs improvement.

Tactics with cyber-attacks are constantly changing, as hackers are evolving substantially. However, a constant for attackers is to target passwords.

Some businesses have projected $1 trillion will be spent globally on cyber-security between 2017 and 2021. Hackers cost the global economy more than $111 billion annually, creating massive implications on corporations.

Even more surprisingly, breached companies were down 15.58% after three years of an attack.

The challenges for companies when creating passwords are:

  • Making it fast and easy for users to login, whilst making it hard for criminals to dissect.
  • Ensuring passwords are memorable, but hard to uncover by hackers.
  • Eliminating passwords wherever possible by deploying single sign-on.

Read the report from OneLogin to find the best practices for securing passwords.

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