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NEWS Millgate takes part in toy drive

Millgate helped deliver toys to Rotherham children this Christmas, as part of Rotherham Voluntary Action's Christmas Toy Drive

Written by Millgate 18/01/2019

Millgate took part in the recent Christmas toy drive for children around Rotherham, which delivered gifts to over 1400 children.

This number has increased by almost 50% compared to the previous year, where 1000 children received a gift.

The project is ran by Rotherham Voluntary Action annually, and asks local residents residents to donate a gift for a child.

Ann Levick, Christmas Toy Appeal Co-ordinator, said that the generosity of the Rotherham people is overwhelming.

She said: “We provided gifts for over 1400 children, who woke up on Christmas morning with a present to open, something they may not have had without your support and generosity. I feel that the Christmas Toy Appeal was a massive success.”


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