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Learn Best Practices for your Veeam Cloud Connect Experience

Written by Millgate 28/07/2023
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Are you planning to upgrade your Veeam or VMware infrastructure? Staying up-to-date with the latest versions is crucial for accessing new features and enjoying improved performance. However, rushing into upgrades without proper consideration can lead to interoperability issues, potentially causing backup or replica job failures. To ensure a smooth and successful upgrade, follow these best practices provided by 11:11 Systems, experts in Veeam and VMware solutions.

Confirm with 11:11 Systems Before Upgrading:

Before proceeding with any upgrade, it’s essential to consult with professionals who understand the intricacies of Veeam and VMware. Reach out to 11:11 Systems for expert advice and guidance. Visit their website at https://1111systems.com/contact-us/ to get in touch with their knowledgeable team.

Choose the Right Veeam Cloud Connect Backup Method:

When connecting your Veeam server to a cloud repository, consider the backup method that suits your needs. Direct backup jobs offer a quick snapshot-based backup process, but offsite backups may take longer to complete. Alternatively, backup copy jobs allow you to protect your data offsite and facilitate efficient data transfer. For improved performance, use backup copy jobs whenever possible, reducing Veeam interaction on your production server.

Carefully Plan to Restore Retention and Storage Limit Policies:

Avoid data loss and job failures by estimating the storage needed to fulfil your retention requirements. Plan for incremental backups’ storage consumption, especially if retaining data for extended periods. Monitoring your cloud repository usage through the Veeam or 11:11 Consoles is essential, and you can leverage 11:11 Catalyst to optimise your cloud environment when required.

Coordinate Jobs to Reduce Idle Time:

To enhance Veeam task efficiency, coordinate multiple jobs backing up or replicating the same server. By setting sync intervals to start after the local backup job completes, you can minimise idle time and ensure smoother operations.

Leverage Veeam’s Application-Aware Processing Tool:

Enable application-aware processing for Microsoft VSS-aware applications like Active Directory, SQL, SharePoint, Exchange, and Oracle. This ensures consistent backup or replica restore points, allowing applications to start in a functional state during recovery.

Protect Physical or Offsite Cloud Servers with Veeam Agent Backups:

For servers that cannot be backed up or replicated through Veeam, employ Veeam Agent backups. Install the agent on the production server’s guest OS to safeguard both Windows and Linux systems.

Keep Bandwidth Availability in Mind:

Consider your available bandwidth when backing up or replicating data through Veeam Cloud Connect. Sufficient bandwidth is crucial for timely backups and to avoid impacts on data protection and retention. Schedule offsite jobs during low bandwidth usage windows for optimal results.

Periodically Test Your Backup and Replica Copies:

Regularly test your backup and replica copies to ensure they are complete and usable when needed. Performing test restores and failovers helps identify any issues that need attention, such as outdated network rules or missing critical servers.

Optimise Your Veeam Infrastructure:

Optimise your Veeam backup and replication jobs by allocating dedicated servers for specific roles, such as proxy and repository. Prevent overloading and bottlenecks that can hinder job performance and impact offsite backups or replicas.

Enable Veeam Email Notifications:

Stay informed about your backup and replica job statuses by enabling email notifications through the Veeam console. Receive updates on successful completions, warnings, or failures, and promptly address any issues that may arise.

By adhering to these best practices provided by 11:11 Systems, you can ensure a smooth and successful upgrade of your Veeam and VMware infrastructure. Proper planning, coordination, and optimisation will lead to enhanced data protection and improved performance, safeguarding your valuable assets and ensuring business continuity. Remember to consult with 11:11 Systems for expert guidance before making any critical upgrades.


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