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Emotet malware changes every time it's downloaded

Written by Millgate 18/03/2019

Emotet is considered to be one of the most costly and destructive threats to businesses right now, according to the US Department for Homeland and Security.

Emotet malware, originally designed for targeting banking software, sneaks onto a computer to steal sensitive and private information, including bank details.

It’s primarily spread through spam emails, via either script, document files or a malicious link.

Emotet is dangerous because it’s polymorphic: it can change every time it’s downloaded. This means the majority of basic security software won’t protect against it.

The malware sends itself to your contacts, including customers and coworkers, with the aim to gain access to as many machines as possible. These emails infect other organisations as well your own, impairing your relationships.

The emails look trustworthy, as they’re from the infected users own account. This means they’re easily undetected.

Emotet’s main goal is to inject certain codes into your browsers, so at the next login to your bank, it automatically debits your account.

So, how do you stop it?

Security software with EDR is the next-gen protection against malware like Emotet.

EDR utilises advanced machine learning to identify, block and protect against unknown viruses – not just malware which is identifiable.

If you feel your security system isn’t equipped to deal with highly intelligent attacks such as Emotet, Millgate are happy to talk you through it.

Our security experts can help idealize your security solution. To have a chat with one of our team, call us today on 0114 242 9860, or fill out our contact form.

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